10 Most Popular Brands on Digg

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What brands are the most popular with the Digg audience? I did a little research to gather some data so I can figure out what brands are mentioned most on Digg. What I did is I looked at the number of times a story with the brand name in the title, description, or URL has appeared on the Digg homepage in the last year.
Top 10 brands on Digg

Apple – 1731
Wii – 1503
Microsoft -1502
Google -1484
Linux -1390
Mac -1374
Windows – 1337
Nintendo – 1112
Yahoo -1105
Digg – 877
Some other fun stuff…
Console Wars
Wii – 1503
Xbox – 781
PS3 – 787
iPod vs Zune
iPod – 690
Zune – 154
I’m a Mac – I’m a PC
Apple – 1731
Microsoft – 1502
The Big 3
Google – 1484
Yahoo – 1105
Microsoft – 1502
Who is more evil ?
RIAA – 186
MPAA – 85
This analysis was done purely out of my curiosity, but this data does hint at the preferences of Digg users. Have you learned anything from it?

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