How I Drove Over 1.3 Million Pageviews through Digg for $90K in Ad Revenue

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This case study covers social media strategy I executed last fall where I drove over 1.3 million pageviews to a microsite in less than four days for about $90K in ad revenue.

The bulk of that traffic was driven on the first day of promotion. The url was submitted to The url was also sent to bloggers who posted similar content on their web sites. In this video I recount my journey from when I just started to optimize websites for more search engine exposure about 7 years ago to one of the highest revenue generating projects I executed in less than a week.

Neal Rodriguez

Neal Rodriguez

Neal interviews the brightest minds on cyberspace, including leaders in social media marketing on Follow Neal on Twitter.
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  • A_cal_native

    What a waste of time! You got something to say, say it. After five minutes of “wacka-wacka-bing-bing-bing-deet-deet-deet-blakablackablackablacka” sounds more like you want a soap box to rant from than give out any real information.

    • neal rodriguez

      pardon me, A_cal_native. ever need help on the news aggregation sites, let me know; and I'll cover anything you deem 'real information.' thank you for checking it out.

  • Burnsie

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry. But I can't believe I wasted even 5 minutes on this.

    • neal rodriguez

      sorry to hear you say that, Burnsie; just sharing my experience online with you.

  • You Fail

    Wow, dude. I am embarrassed for you — and for me, because I happen to be from Miami and that's too close a connection between us. Please stop.

    • neal rodriguez

      sorry you feel that way, man! thnx for checking it out.

  • Gab Goldenberg

    Frakking hilarious, Neal!

    • neal rodriguez

      thnx again, Gab; i loved your analysis on how to determine what type of return to expect depending on the digital network you're engaging; many brands still just know they need to be on social platforms just because of the buzz generated by mainstream media; however, they don't know what type of return to expect.

      great job!

  • Gab Goldenberg

    Did you improv it based on a few bullet points, or write out what you were going to say before?

    • neal rodriguez

      write it out, then i say it as i remember it; thnx for checking it out, Gab.

  • Christopher Masiello

    I like how you take some simple, usable tips that everybody is doling out, but add some fun and personality.
    It's the Internet, let's laugh a little.
    Good Stuff!

    • neal rodriguez

      thank you Christopher; you're my son's namesake – he's Christopher Michael. i am revealing as much strategy as i can that has helped my make money online communicating with my target communities on social media platforms.

      i appreciate your support; take care.

  • Kimlovestea

    Haters – Neal gave out good information about networking and wrapped it up in a nice little surprise package with a bow. I catch up on seo/marketing blogs every morning and end up reading the same voice over and over and over…good info, but the same voice. This morning, I was busting a gut. Then, I watched it again and took some more notes.
    Neal – Thanks for taking the time to help people lighten up and have some fun with their job(s). Seriously.

  • internet boss

    Neil- nice work. Selling crack really wasn't an option for me either, thank god for the playground called the Internet. The info was brilliant and the delivery was classic. I had my whole office watching this. Going to have to pick your brain sometime. Let's chat.

    • neal rodriguez

      wow; that is a great compliment, internet boss! i'm glad somebody recognizes i'm SFW 😉 tell everybody @ the office, i love 'em for watching; thank you.

      yeah; maybe you could give me a few top chef recipes; i'm a olive oil soaking garlic man myself.

  • searchlackey

    Outstanding…. We need suggestion on more ways to make money. Would like to discuss more Neal. Great Stuff.