Yahoo Search Reinclusion Easier & Quicker?

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Yahoo Search Reinclusion Easier & Quicker?

A WebmasterWorld thread named Yahoo Penalty Removed describes two or more cases of members complying with Yahoo!’s guidelines after being penalized and then being reindexed and reincluded.

One member describes fixing his site and then resubmitting the site; then;

Within a week, I saw 3 pages indexed by Yahoo. 5 days later my entire site is re-indexed. I am not doing well yet in the rankings yet for my main keywords.

Member BillyS reported the same;

I have a similar story. Submitted a re-inclusion request. About three weeks later, robot activity returned to normal and pages in Yahoo cache increase daily.

Do you think its based on timing of the recent yahoo! update or just that Yahoo! is getting quicker?

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