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Work Smartly by Using SEO Diversity & EMD Recovery Tips

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Work Smartly by Using SEO Diversity & EMD Recovery Tips

seo diversity

After major updates there is no doubt regarding spamdexing and low quality work that it will be caught and hit sooner or later by Google. So, it is essential to work according to the webmaster guidelines and more importantly is to work smartly rather than working hard and getting hundreds of low quality back links to the website. What we (webmasters) have learned after panda and penguin updates is;

“Google is much smarter than ever before and we have to be over smart”

Google is not compromising on unworthy links and content. We have seen the Panda and Penguin updates, LSI and EMD hits and there are many more to come. So, hundred dollar question is “how to tackle smartly with search engine spider” There are lots of suggestions like increasing social signals, writing quality content, mobile sites optimization, getting natural links, focusing on relevancy and relativity, markup validation, but at here I want to share one of the greatest ideas that is SEO diversity and it’s not a new thing for the SEOs.

On-Page Diversity

Keyword Diversity: First of all you want to know that what keyword diversity is because there are different explanations given by webmasters on this term. According to some it is the total number of link pointing to their site and some says that it is the total number of phrases for which my site is ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Actually it is the list of phrases you are playing with. I mean the terms you are optimizing via content or back link no matter by on-page or off-page optimization.

Keyword diversity in Content

Using Phrases for Diversity: Start by research work to find out related phrases and useful terms. Take advantage of different keyword research tools, Google & Bing suggestions, competitor websites, etc. Visit to get valuable information on this keyword research process. Now key is to phrases instead of focusing on core keywords. It’s an old practice to use many keywords variations to make the most of the core keywords and in 2013 these seems to be more useful when it comes to diversifying the keywords. For example for a service based business discount, cheap, affordable, services, hire, buy, purchase, are some general words used with the core keywords for diversity purpose and it will help to cover up the larger part of the industry.

Using Synonyms: Before LSI, using synonyms is one of the key tactics of SEO but now Google is considering the synonyms as the same words and playing with synonyms to diversify the keywords will not going to be easy. However, it definitely helps you if you mix it up with different phrases. I just want to add an example over here to clarify this point but not to promote any industry. For instance if you are dealing with sports clothing industry, using athletic and apparel in place of sports and clothing will definitely help you out and adding some general keywords will make the most of the diversity. The point of concern at here is relevancy, so use relevant synonyms and too much diversity can mystify the crawler so keep it to a certain limit.

Keyword diversity in Meta

Concerning SERP, Google doesn’t completely rely on this content but you cannot avoid its importance as far as certain SEO parameters are concerned but it’s no more remains a KPI (key performance indicator) to get higher position in SERP. Now discussing about diversity and it’s better to start diversifying the things from the Meta.

Title: Always cover up the core keywords by using phrases or the best is to write a descriptive title and don’t try any experiment like keyword diversity in the title of the page but avoid repetition of words within the title.

Meta Description: Cover up the long tail keywords by using terminologies and summarizing the main aspects of the content. Try to avoid repetition of core keywords and using some other relevant words in place of main words can help a lot in diversifying the data. You can use general content of the page and no need to include all the keywords in description.

Meta Keywords: Simply cover up the remaining words and there is no need to include the main keywords rather than you can focus on the general terms and long tail keywords.

Inboud link diversity: First of all watch this video on link diversity by matt cuts. Now I think there is no need to more clarify the scenario to build inbound links as it is clearly said by matt cuts that there is not much issue. However, it is better to give variation in links and anchors.

Off-Page Diversity

Traffic diversity or Domain Diversity: Plan your off-page strategy to get traffic from different sources and for this you have to promote your site by various off page techniques. One cannot just focus on simply one technique no matter how useful and credible that strategy is. Links to your site from diverse domains make the links more effective, higher the value overall link building campaign and search engine crawler consider it as a natural links acquisition process. You can build links by directory submission, video submission, audio submission, article directories, blogging, guest posts, ebooks, forums, blog commenting, social bookmarking & networking, etc. There are many more techniques but remember to adopt post penguin methods to acquire quality and natural back links.

Channel Diversity: Never restrict your links to particular platform no matter what strategy you are following. Like in article submission just getting links from ezinearticles is not enough so try different directories like hubpages, goarticles, likewise don’t limit your social networking too facebook and twitter but try other social networks too. The same goes with other link building techniques.

Link Diversity: Just don’t optimize any particular page, it’s better to focus on overall project for optimization. I’ve seen some people suggesting to just focus on the root or home page and rest of the pages will automatically perform well in search engine rankings. This might be true to a certain extent but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to optimize the other pages and there is no surety that internal pages will perform well. In fact there is not a single evidence or verified theory by any of the renowned webmaster regarding this proposition. So, picking up the specific pages for optimization specially the main pages that will bear fruit for you are not a bad idea but just focusing the main page will give the impression of unnatural link building. However, you have to treat fairly with other pages as it will improve the overall promotion campaign.

Anchor Text Diversity: Now if you want to use the same links for many times at a particular platform, it’s better to use anchor text diversity. You must diversify your anchor text to make your links look natural and avoid being penalized for EMD or over optimization. Therefore, instead of targeting definite keyword and looks spammy, it’s better to optimize multiple keywords for one page Moreover, varying the anchor text will help the page in SERP to rank on multiple keywords. Use variations of main phrases, long tail keywords, brand names are also good option to use. One of the post-penguin techniques is to use non-keyword anchors like read more, find out more, continue reading, visit main site, click here to visit, etc. This technique is also well-liked by general audience as it gives them feeling that you are not forcing them to read more, so the search engine likes too. Remember to set a percentage to use different anchors like 50% based on exactly matching page/domain, 25% of related words, 25% of non-keywords anchors. This is not the ideal percentage it’s just a suggestion, the percentage should be set by analyzing overall campaign like velocity of building links, sum of linked pages, relativity of the phrases used as an anchor  with the main context, etc.

IP Diversity: It is the process of link building from different IPs. Commonly small business owners have a single IP and all the marketing work is done by that particular IP address. This clearly indicates that links are not naturally acquired from collective users but they are created by independent person and he/she might be considered to be the owner. In 2000 search engine start thinking about IP diversity and in the mid of 2000 search engine start giving low importance to the links created by same IP address and links created by multiple IPs were valued high. Few years back, there were very rare cases of search engine punishing any website due to IP diversity issue but nowadays there are lots of people complaining and discussing on forums that their site has low rankings or search engine gives less value to the links due to same IP address.

Now how to Target the keywords?

Initially it is essential to pick up the core keywords and then mix it up with related words but make sure that selected words must be related and look good from user and marketing point of view. For example in sports clothing industry, there are some words that can be easily coordinated with the core keyword like wholesale, buy, cheap, discount, purchase, etc. plus you can use synonyms too. So here are few combinations; ‘wholesale athletic apparel’ ‘cheap sports apparel’ ‘discount athletic clothing’ many more. Besides these some non-keywords tags will help you a lot to make your links look like naturally acquired.

EMD Recovery

If site has been under EMD hit then diversity is the best technique of recovery. Once EMD hit is confirmed then just don’t stop working or slow down the link velocity. I suggest to slightly increasing the pace of building links but first work on with on-page factors. Firstly remove the EMD keyword used in content, Meta and inbound links. To take safe side don’t even use the term for once for example if site is hit for sports clothing then avoid this phrase throughout the content and if required then you can use synonyms as it is discussed above.

Now for off-page optimization check out the sum of links by visiting the Google webmaster links to your site tool and find out how many links are indexed for your site then check out the search queries for these links. It will give you clear stats of link build for every phrase and links sources as well. Find out that those links are worthy and if not then they are useless, can harm the performance of website and the reason of EMD hit and might become the reason of penalizing the site in upcoming update too.

So it’s better to contact the site owners to remove those links. If those links are coming from your personal resources like web 2.0 websites, forum signatures, article directories, without delaying the things remove them. In certain situations you cannot remove those links then the trick is that you have to build about 50% of the links with diverse anchor text and pointing to the same page. For example if sports clothing is getting 1000 links pointing to your home page then you have to build around 500 links more with different anchors pointing to the home page. Remember this is just a suggestion and rough percentage and there is no guarantee that it will definitely work but it will definitely help to get out of EMD hit.


Starting diversifying the factors from on-page till off-page strategy will definitely help you to perform better in SERP and it also gives the visitors unique and fresh stuff. However organization and right percentage of links and keywords diversity should be put into practice or else you’ll mix up the things pathetically. So, be careful and I hope this really help you out to avoid being hit by upcoming Google update in 2013. Share your views as I am waiting for your response and positive criticism is always appreciated.


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