Why You Need to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website NOW!

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When Facebook announced the Fan pages, there were a number of mixed reviews.  Some where hailing it and its integration to the new advertising platform and some hated it – claiming it was turning Facebook into Myspace.  Whatever your stance is, here are 6 reasons you need to make a Facebook page for your website or company now.

1. Pages are public.  Most of Facebook is behind a login, preventing search engines from indexing.  However, some Fan pages are not behind a login and thus search engines can index the page.  Hopefully, people will stumble on the result in SERPs, visit the Facebook page, and then get to your site via the link (see reason #2).

2. Pages include links.  Because the pages are public, you can get some nice facebook.com link credit.  You can’t use an anchor text, but hey, it’s free.

3. Send “updates to fans”.  One of the greatest features is that you can send “updates” to fans whenever you want.  It’s a nice way of building a database of interested users.  Send messages about new products, updated website, etc.

4. You control the page.  Making the page before a Fan or a competitor is critical.  You want to be able to send the messages, edit or remove sections, and control the information to an extent.

5. News feed.  When a someone joins a Fan page, it’s published in their News feed for all their to read (unless they have turned this off).  It makes someone joining your Fan page somewhat viral.

6. It’s free and easy.  Making a Fan page takes just a few minutes – add some information, URL, and upload the logo and you’re done.  You can make your page

Dave Rigotti is the owner of Freezing Hot, an internet marketing company which specializes in seo and paid search management for small businesses.

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  • Mark

    good post, we are discussing it on (where else?!) the FacebookEconomy.com fan page:

  • TJ Max

    Links are link condomed which is like having pagerank flirtations with a plastic Google Babe.

  • DJ Nelson

    Thanks for pointing out this feature as I hadn’t noticed it yet but I sure will be glad when marketers “get” facebook. Maybe one day they will but for now I’ll just sit back, watch, and shake my head.

  • CVOS man

    Excellent idea, I took your advice and started my profile. It was a simple process that took 5 minutes.

  • Link Building Pro

    Darn, I might just have to break down and do something on Facebook. Too many social sites, not enough time.

  • VitaiminCM

    Great idea. I just set one up for my site.
    I have to flesh it out a little bit, but I think it will be helpful.

  • Mark Fulton

    Great news! This seems like it’s an excellent opportunity to promote a blog. I have set up a page for mine, DotSauce Domain News:

    I don’t really like the link text “Add to My Products” as a way of being a fan on my page… but hopefully people will catch on.

  • Jab

    With a little help of my friend Mark,…I made it through the setup process and started my own. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6284308996

  • Tuni&G

    Great idea thanks for the tips. already setup mine at

  • 3daysleep

    Thanks for posting this article, have created mine


  • The City Desk

    What’s better though? A group or a fan page? I went the group route, because I’d like the people who write for my weblog-fiction-type-thing to also be able to writer their own content over there-

  • Dave Rigotti

    Wow, thanks for the great response everyone.

    I think pages and groups need to be ran together. Group is well, a group and a page is an endorsement/testimonial.

  • letrodectus

    wow! thats awesome, thanks for the info, gone making one for my blog 🙂

  • Seni Thomas


    Interesting thoughts. Personally I believe that the most powerful aspect of Fan Pages is to create conversation conduits with consumers. Although, I agree with some of your points I feel that you are still taking a destination stance vs. a conversation hub.

    Here are my thoughts more fleshed out:


  • Elpie

    Working with the development of free, open source software brings challenges in community building. I wasn’t convinced that facebook would be a useful tool, but got talked into it.

    Mambo, the CMS, has created its page (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=14050715716) and now also has a group. It will be interesting to see if the work involved in upkeep is outweighed by the advantages to facilitating community building. Of course, SE benefits are nice to have too!

  • mini.sid

    Thanks for the advice, when I set up the company page, I wasn’t sure if it was the thing to do or not. Now I know it was.
    Also, I wasn’t sure to make a company group page or product page, since we are manufacturers, so I did both.
    Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5917908183
    Product/Service: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5820397374
    I’ve updated with photos of our products and links to downloads of free white papers. Great advice!

  • Essay for College

    Great article, but are you sure you get link love or does facebook no a No Follow on their code like Craigslist.


  • Dave Rigotti

    Nice catch Rob. I had forgotten to check, but after doing so it is attributed “nofollow”.

    To keep positive, hopefully someone will click the link or maybe the FB page will get indexed and ranked.

  • abhishek

    check out mine at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5681154300

    i have got few fans now but no commercial gain so far 🙂 anyways i love facebook and will keep adding more and more to this page

  • Aaron Short

    Can you please tell me how to have a url for my facebook artist page. For example Dave Matthews Band are http://www.facebook.com/davematthewsband

  • Dave Rigotti

    Thank you for the comment. I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, it’s something you have to pay for.

  • Alexey

    There is a major drawback of these pages as they cannot be connected to existing groups. A lot of organizations already have groups and networks at Facebook but how can they be linked to their new profile pages?

  • Dave Rigotti

    Just have both!

  • jackliyn

    ChrisBrown is my number one fan.He is the fan above of every fan.


  • Adi

    I’ve started a fan page for my environment portal and they offer some nice features but promoting it is quite tricky. With groups you can invite all of your friends but with pages this feature is disabled.

    How are people promoting their pages?

  • Mungo

    I set up a fan page for my camping blog on Blogger – Mungo Says Bah! This is excellent, hoping to see some traffic to it…
    Mungo Says Bah Fan Page

    Thanks for this excellent post!


  • Hammer

    I can’t say that I see a compelling reason anywhere in that list.

  • Mungo

    I’d say the only compelling reason I can think of to make a fanpage for your web site is to continually remind your ‘friends’ that you are a fan (of your own page) and that way when they sign up, it spreads the word.


  • Search Engine Optimisation Jobs

    Fan pages could bring a lot of traffic to your site or genearlly raise awareness. However from an SEO point of view, the links in Facebook are “not followed”.

  • Dan Bishop

    Great post! thanks 🙂

  • Peter

    This is almost the same conversation that I found on the other site. Ah well, too bad about all that Facebook stuff, but I like what this guy said:

    also has a group. It will be interesting to see if the work involved in upkeep is outweighed by the advantages to facilitating community building. Of course, SE benefits are nice to have too! http://www.blowjob-milf.com

  • IS


  • ZaggedEdge

    Is it legal to start a fan page about a brand that isn’t yours? ie: i’m a fan of Nike, can i start one?

    (hypothetically speaking)

  • Spyko

    Cool, I’m going to setup a fan page for my website. Thanks:)


    cool.i have learnt quite alot aftr using facebook.and have caught up with many of my near and dear ones…….

  • DarK ResSureCtioN

    we love 2 rock !!!

  • eCognoscente

    Thanks–just set up a page!

  • eCognoscente


  • lisa

    I hate the new layout D:


  • Alex

    Awesome article, thank you very much! I’ve set mine up as well:

  • Matt

    Thanks for writing this post – I’m now the proud owner of a Facebook fan page, thanks to you! 🙂


  • Josh

    This is exactly the type of information I have been looking for. Thanks for the post.



  • One Source Talent

    Great post. It is very important to have a presence online, and its even better when you can do it for free!

  • facebook spin

    facebook marketing services at http://www.tradimax.ocm

  • Jonas Paslin

    How do you make a nice icon on your site, that links to facebook?

  • Mike

    Is there a way to add a ‘Become a Fan link’ to our current corp website, and when clicked and logged in they become a Facebook page fan, or do you just have to send them to the FB page and have them click’ Become a Fan’ manually?


  • Sameh

    this better work

  • Sameh

    this is bullshit! it doesn’t even work! stop wasting people’s time on the net putting up stupid things!!!!!

  • Saifur

    Nice post. Was searching for something like this.

  • Club Providence Atlantic City

    this feature is great!. we used this feature after we created our myspace page. we love the ability to notify everyone when we have special event. Great Tool!!!

    Check it out!


  • Mike

    To:Club Providence Atlantic City

    That Facebook link doesn’t go anywhere. What is the name of the application?

  • HBT


    Check out http://www.holybibletrivia.org for free Bible games.

  • johnny rodriguez

    good info we just started one for the place i work for.


  • Neurottica

    a good way to add all your contacts to your fan page is to create an event page, invite all your friends and link the fan site on it. Our first single is going to be released on radio in ten days so a couple of days before hand, we will create the event page.
    you are welcome!

  • sewdragondesigns

    Started mine too:

  • Tricia

    If I am on Facebook already and want to become a Public Figure, is there a way to link the two pages, do they have to stay separate or should I get rid of my page and just become a Public Figure since the site is not really being used on a *personal* level? I amactually doing this for a firend who is an author and going to be hosting a radio show beginning January.

  • David King

    awesome! I didn’t know that the results are indexed!

    i’m a fan of fan pages now!

    thanks for the blog post!


  • James Tan

    I didn’t know Facebook pages are sooooo easy to create! Thanks for the heads up. I really love these Facebook pages.

  • Garrett

    I just set one up for my music and such. I agree, having a page on facebook really helps your online exposure no matter what the subject matter is. Facebook is already really big and the fact that feeds are displayed to everyone on your friend list is great for keeping people up to date. Peep my page:

  • Santiago Pastorino

    I was just looking on the internet for the way to expose my website on the internet in many social networks. I found that great article, anyone has an idea how to do something like this on MySpace, Sonico, Hi5, etc.
    My profile:

  • Nick

    Great suggestions, thanks! I’d just started this new website in the UK and was looking for ways to promote it. I think you’re right, you definately NEED a Facebook page whether you’re a celebrity or just a business. Thanks again. I’ve not done much with the page yet, but in case anyone’s interested, here it is:


  • Andy

    Great Idea! I just put up a group for my company. Now, how do I add a link/button on my site that lets my visitors become a fan on Facebook!?

  • Adam Lee

    Great post on pages, helped me make some tweaks to my page.
    I work in SEO and figured there has to be a way to gain SEO benefit from these pages, so i did some research –

    Basically the way it works is to set up an XML feed with optimised links on it. Using a RSS app in Facebook you can then pull this feed into the facebook page. The RSS app i used didn’t add nofollows so offers SEO optimised direct links and followed links.

  • Darlene (puci) Pucillo

    “Facebook for Dummies” is really a helpful book and includes chapters relating to Facebook for businesses and Facebook pages.

    I just set up my page. I’m still learning, so any tips are much appreciated (as are new fans):

  • John Kyle

    We are setting up a Facebook Fan page for Foreclosures.com. I like the idea of pulling in RSS content, but what are you pulling from – an existing blog? Is this a dupe content problem, or is that not worth worrying about anymore?

  • Adam Lee

    The idea is not to actually pull in an RSS feed but us an RSS app in Facebook as it doesn’t add Nofollow.
    What you need to do is create an XML file with a list of optimised links pointing where you want them to go – This will be your feed, so no real content on it just a list of links. Upload the XML onto your web server.

    Add an app to to Facebook called Simply RSS and then point the feed to the XML file you’ve just created – this will give you a list of optimised, followed links.

  • Andy


    OK, what does the XML file look like? Can you give a brief example. BTW, what is an “optimised link”. Sorry if I don’t get the SEO terms.


  • Adam Lee

    Have a look at this:

    copy source code and change the information as required, then save it as an .xml and upload it onto your server. Then link to it with simply RSS

    By optimised link i mean optimised anchor text – so the text you want your site to rank for. For instance in my example above i have used ‘search engine optimisation’ so that text will help my landing page – noporkpies.com rank for that search term.

    Just so you are aware this isn’t going to give you site a massive boost unless you build up and get links to your Facebook page as well

  • Carol Dunlop

    Good info, thanks for sharing. I just set up a page for my company, Optimum Body Sculpting. It is still in progress, but I think that it gives my business some good exposure.

  • jeannie

    this was the most helpful. thanks

  • Jane Hunt

    Dave – thanks for the ideas! I recently set up my page under “Jane Hunt Art” and now realize it’s not really searchable in my catagory (art). Does anyone know if it’s possible to change or add info to the name? I’ve searched everywhere and e-mailed facebook but never heard back.

  • sonny

    I am still trying to create a fan page for our site. Look at our group.


  • exelso

    awesome article man…i got many awareness from it. then i look back to facebook to know many about it. it’s really cool…

    found that many big brand trying to meet their fortune on facebook today…hope i can do so soon.

  • Kristi

    Had a page for a short while now and it’s been great for connecting with people interested in my paintings:

  • Spunky Munkey

    become a fan on my page and I will do the same

  • Lauri

    The big problem with the fan page is creating awareness of it. You can’t request or invite fans – which to me completely limits the possibilities of reaching new people.

    I think Facebook needs to reconsider that – I know they get complaints from people saying they’re getting spammed – but a friend/fan request is up to them to confirm or deny – so I fail to see the problem.

  • Alvin Newton

    Guys I need your help, I created a page on facebook, called Bob Baker Subaru. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to create a direct link to that page? I am looking at the above links and they directley to the facebook page that is what I want mine to do. I have tried everything, what am I missing?

    Is there something in settings or what I need your help Please.

    • Cindy Riddle

      You can buy any available url (the is the address ie http://www.something.com) I like godaddy ($6-10 a year depending on address you choose). You can then use their wesite forwarding feature to have it go directly to your facebook page, or you can buy a hosting credit ($6+ a month) to build a wesite that you can then have a link to your facebook fanpage on.


  • karen @ careergenie

    Love your article! Is there a way to post your email address as a link on a Facebook Page? I can’t quite figure out how to do it? Or perhaps that isn’t supported just yet?


    If you visit my page, I’d love to have you join as a fan! I’ll be posting articles and podcasts on everything career related.


  • Carla

    I think I have seen 4 people post the same question but no answer. The question is how do you add a link on your website to your Facebook fan page? Help Please

    • Kim Virrueta

      One thing that I have done is taken the HTML code from my Blogger.com widget that the service offers when you want to put up a Facebook fan page banner onto your blog site. But you can actually use the code anywhere on your own web site! Simply adjust the Facebook fan page URL and title to your own fan page…and viola! Hope this helps!

      Here’s the HTML code:
      FB.init(“1c2b7ea5918581fa37785ed8df5cf32d”);NAME OF YOUR FAN PAGE GOES HERE

      • Kim Virrueta

        The HTML code won’t paste into this window…I saw my response and it is cut off…so sorry.

        Another suggestion is to find a web site that has a fan page banner (or any banner that you like) and change the information to your own and paste the HTML code wherever you want on your site. It will show up beautifully and with a live feed from your Facebook fan page. Just a little trick I use!

  • sagor139

    it’s really a good post.i wish if the facebook were follow link site.but,it ca still make one’s site to a extream popular site.

  • Sign up for a Page or Profile?

    Can you clarify this for me? Will I need to setup a profile first before I create a Page?



    • Kim Virrueta

      In order to create a Facebook fan page, you do not need to have a Facebook profile of your own. Simply go to their home page and click on the little link that asks you if you want to create a fan page for an organization, band, or company and get started!

      The only thing that is difficult about the fan pages is there is no way to get friends right away unless you have a personal profile and can share your fan page with your existing group of friends so they become fans.

      To promote your fan page, however, you can blog about it and link back to it, do Web 2.0 sites with links to it, or pay Facebook for a small ad on their site.

      One of the advantages of having a fan page over a group is that Facebook offers fan pages a free banner/promotional box to post on their blog site or web page to promote it. If you were to create a “group” instead, there is no way to get that from Facebook all nice and pre-made for you unless you pay for advertising.

      If you do end up creating your own Facebook personal profile, just know that your personal profile will forever be linked to that page and when you friend people, it will be in YOUR profile, not in the fan page’s profile. So think twice before going that route 🙂

      Hope this helped and enjoy your new fan page!

      -Kim, social media marketer

      • sharon


        Read your response, im not a facebook user, and interested in it, and linking to my site. You mention the free blog on facebook page, how does this expose your company

      • Kim Virrueta

        Hi Sharon,

        Thanks for your question! Facebook is super easy to get started, and for your business, it is an essential part of success. Twitter is something I recommend getting started on ASAP as well.

        Blog sites that are free are nearly endless, but my favorites are WordPress and Blogger. You can go to those sites today and have a blog site up in less than 5 minutes after choosing a template you like and entering in some basic profile information. The best way to have a blog going is to buy a domain name with your keywords in the domain name and then simply point your blog to your domain (you need to buy hosting to do this).

        What I like to do with Facebook and my blogs is to post my blog content (new blog entries) right into my Facebook wall. You can do this with any of a number of social media posting sites such as TrafficBug, Ping.fm…just to name a few. These sites make it easy to have one simple place where you paste in a short headline and your blog entry URL and it will automatically shorten your URL to make it fit into Twitter, for example, where a 140 character limit is placed on what you post to others.

        Your facebook fan page will serve to promote your business when people search for products or topics related to your site’s business niche on Facebook and Twitter. From there, they can friend you (Facebook) or Follow you (Twitter) and get updates on everything you have to say (blog entry links, free giveaways, free shipping offers, etc).

        This is how people find you…how to get them to buy from you is to consistently provide them with quality content and information, enticing offers (but not too many or you’ll be selling “at” them), and regular conversation with you friends and followers to engage them.

        And that’s what social media is all about for a business!

        Let me know if you have any other questions; I am happy to help!


  • hudson river orthodontics

    Hi, i have a facebook page that I created a while back and was wondering if I can turn it into a fan page. Or do i have to shut down the existing account and create a new one as a fan page? that may be difficult since i have over 200 friends right now. any suggestions?

    -Hudson River Orthodontics

  • Zeduction Photography

    I just built a facebook page, close to 100 fans in a few days – working well so far… check it – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zeduction-Photography/70445568485

  • Prafuldass

    great article!

  • zack

    Speaking of which I create this facebook fan page

  • Sirajudheen

    very good post

  • Manju

    Very nice Post

  • Priyesh

    Thx for the blog post

  • Priyan

    Good info. thx for this post

  • Victor

    Hei, that’s great

  • dass

    great post. I’ve created a fan page for axlsoftwares.com

  • raj

    good post. Thank you

  • Kaya Singer

    I wondered why I needed a Fan page or if having a regular profile for my page was better. I do have a fan page but I also have a personal profile page and I tend to forget about my fan page. It made me wonder if I should just put my business on a regular profile page instead.

    You just explained the reason for keeping it the way it is. Thanks so much. Would you mind if I posted your article on my blog?

  • Ian Usher

    Great idea! Had a facebook page for a while, but could never really see the point of it. The fan page is great though, for both search engines, and the viral way it spreads through other people’s facebook feeds.
    Been working on my fan page, adding pix, videos and events form my ongoing challenge to complete 100 goals in 100 weeks.

  • CODY


  • JJ

    Great post, I decided to get with the programme and create a fan page, I noticed some of my favourite shops had one but wasn’t sure whether to try it out initially, these testimonials both poisitive and negative helped me make my min up.

  • Eric Graf

    My photography fan page has been growing quickly since installing. I shoot weddings and using the word of mouth recommendations from the bride to all her friends to join my page has been WORKING. Plus tagging their photos draws people in. Weddings have a huge audience to draw from. You can see my page here: http://www.facebook.com/louisvilleweddingphotographer

  • Gavin C. Gunter

    Ive used my fanpage to promote my colourful abstract paintings with jamaican south coast sparkling black sand.

    Exciting! I plan to cross link with my website. I would recommend it for others. I have even found business contacts on FB!

  • Gavin C. Gunter


    is the page.

  • nazcar

    oh great.. thanks..

  • b

    question: I created a facebook page, nearly immediately I received ‘friend requests’ only to realize what I needed was a ‘fan’ page.
    Is there a way to change a pre existing page, new as it is, to a fan page???

  • amdcommu

    Nice Post… i’ll use ur advice for Ahmedabad Community‘s page…


  • Dick Johnson

    Two questions please —
    1–Can I make a Fan Page and not “publish” it until I am finished with it?
    2–Can I use HTML on the Fan Page?

  • Jewelicide

    Great post! I’m trying to build my fan page for my handmade jewelry. I just need to remember to keep updating it. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atlanta-GA/Jewelicide-Allysin-Jewelry/115698540473?ref=share

  • Jason

    checkout my Breakit Group http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=117967972806&ref=ts

  • Fenton

    I’ve established a site for our business already. How do I have people become “fans”? The process is a mystery…

  • Jawad Khan

    I have made a website for used cars and bikes http://www.motors.pk and its fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/motorspk. I have tried to implement best practices and its going good. Any suggestions and comments r welcomed. thanks..

    You can put your facebook page link in your website with a title “follow us at facebook” or something like that.. Also invite your friends to your facebook fanpage.. and if you are willing to spend some money, then you can use facebook ads to promote your fan page..

  • @seemasugandh

    1. you create a link to your facebook fan page like you would any other hyperlink. throw an “a href” in.

    2. the fan page helps when you have over 5000 friends… the limit on a regular page

  • Helen Cawte

    I have created a fanpage for my wedding photography business http://helencawtephotography.com and http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Helen-Cawte-Photography/159834936072?ref=ts BUT how do I make a facebook logo link that I can put on my website linking back to my fanpage??

  • Banana Slug

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the many good comments and questions. We have a FB page for our children’s eco-band. (My personal name is Monica, by the way.) It seems so weird to me that the page won’t let me “see all” of the fans. I mean they are our fans, right? I know I can’t search for people (like a personal page can) but why can’t I even see our fans?

    Any ideas? Or ideas of how to change this?

    Thanks so much.

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    Wil create one for my blog right now..

  • ctbruin

    The link to my business Facebook page is lengthy and drawn out with numerous characters. How do you get the link to be simply: “www.facebook.com/mybusiness”? I see a lot of businesses have them, but if I cut and paste the URL from the browser, it’s about 100 characters. Looked all over and can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks!

  • Tyra


    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to see exactly when a fan joined your Facebook page.

    Thanks & God Bless!

  • Bulk Sms Software

    I couldn’t get a single site offering assistance on how to add customize Fan Page badge to integrate to my webpage..Can anyone help me out..


    • My Phososhop Desings

      There's an APP for that,,,, go to Applications in Facebook and Look for the Like Button ( or do a search) you aren't allowed to have a Fan Box until you reach a certain number.

  • Erik

    Is there any way to know who created a specific fan page? For example in groups it’s clearly stated who is officer, admin etc. However that is not the case with fan pages – but is there a way to find out anyway? Withouth asking on the discussion board and hope that he, or she, reveals himself?

  • Jordan Foutz

    Additionally, it is important to consider the keywords you post in your updates. Indexing and ranking for your most highly targeted keywords is something you’ll want to do.

  • Penny

    does anyone know how to get the BECOME A FAN LOGO on their business facebook page

  • D

    I also need to know ASAP if there is a way to turn my existing page (almost 5000 friends!) into a fan page so that I DONT lose my existing ‘friends’! Is there a way????

  • Tech Maish

    It is very difficult for me to increase friends on my fan page. But i am trying.
    Hope i will complete 1000 friends.

  • John

    Thanks for the informative article. It inspired me to create our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soni-Motors-Thailand/268547739016. I would love any feedback on how to make it sticky so customers and fans can attract other fans. Are there any other auto dealer fan sites that have been done well.


  • Bruce Bellott

    I also need to know ASAP if there is a way to turn my existing page (almost 5000 friends!) into a fan page so that I DONT lose my existing ‘friends’! Is there a way????

    • Kim Virrueta

      Unfortunately, there is no way to “migrate” your personal profile friends in one fell swoop to your new fan page. That would violate people’s ability to pick and choose which pages to become fans of…and Facebook is all ,about “friending” and “fanning” right?

      That said, the best way for you to go about doing this is to create your fan page and once it’s done post a message on your personal profile wall to your 5000 friends inviting them to join. You can also follow up in a week by going to your inbox and sending a mass message to your 5000 friends, inviting them to join your new fan page (don’t forget to include a link to your fan page in every communication you send). If this is a special interest type of fan page, don’t expect every one of your friends to be interested enough to join. However, you can entice them to see what it’s all about by offering something for free (a free eBook, written “report” or video) to peak their curiosity.

      Hope it works out well for you! Let us know how it goes 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to make a fan badge for your blog site and web site so that others can click in and join your fan page from those places! It’s free and Facebook provides you with the HTML code and everything!

  • Facebook SEO

    This is completely true. Facebook and SEO for Facebook is becoming a bigger factor in success of a business.

  • lana


    I’m trying to create a link to my business page on facebook, from my website. You cannot create a “badge” on a business page. How do I do this?


  • Niall Power

    Nice piece David great synopsis of the reason to have a Facebook Fan page, I have emailed the article to a few friends and added it to my websites social networking news. Thanks Niall

  • clhmedia

    great stuff… does anyone know a way to automatically have stuff written on my personal wall be sent to my fan page?

  • Andrew

    Great post. I’m now realizing the importance of social media in promoting my business despite earlier resistance. Thanks for this post and the link to make it easy. I literally clicked the link, and came back to post this comment. Thanks

  • Larry Green

    How does one acquire fans expeditiously, without imposing on folks?

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  • oak bar stool

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