What is the Best Time to Share Your Stories?

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A main purpose of blogging is to cultivate a large audience, right? As such, it only makes sense to ensure you are doing everything possible to generate as large of a buzz about your blog as possible. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including choosing a market that is hungry for new information and creating high-quality content.

Another important aspect of driving traffic to your blog is by timing the release of your posts. Here are a few guidelines to follow regarding the best time to release blog posts to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

General Guidelines

Many argue that the best time to submit blog posts is during the work week between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. or between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thursday is the prime posting day. Weekends are the worst time to post stories, especially when your blog is on a specific work industry. These are the worst days because this is when people forget about work matters and instead are focused on their personal lives.

The hours between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. are often the most effective since this is directly after lunch when workers are attempting to shift back into work-mode. This time slot also serves the needs of those users seeking an outlet to further delay their work tasks.

Know Your Audience

Although the above posting guidelines have proven to be effective, they only provide results from general studies on the best times to submit blog posts. If your blog is serving a very specific niche market, such as a television show audience, then forget about the guidelines above and follow the trends of your target market.

For example, if you are blogging on a popular television show, then it stands to reason your prime submission time will be directly after a new episode airs. This will be the best time since it’s when the show will be fresh in the minds of viewers and when they will be seeking additional content regarding the show.

Experiment to Achieve Results

If, after following the guidelines above, you still aren’t receiving the results you want, it’s time to start running a few experiments. First, publish blog posts at various times during the day and different days during the week. Then, run some tests to determine when your posts are generating the most traffic. These results should provide an idea of the best time to cultivate the largest amount of readers for your specific blog.

If you discover that no specific submission time is generating more blog traffic, it may be time to analyze your content. No one is going to visit your blog, regardless of when you submit posts, if you’re creating content that isn’t serving the interests of your target market.

Developing a popular blog requires a great deal of time, commitment and attention to detail. By ensuring you are creating quality content that is released before high-traffic times, you will be one step closer to creating the next hot online blog.

This is a guest post by Aimee Sway, blogging for PrintExpress.co.uk, the premiere business cards printing company. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!

Aimee Sway
Aimee Sway, blogging for PrintExpress.co.uk, the premiere online printing company. Follow her on Twitter @PrintExpressUK and like on Facebook!
Aimee Sway

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