Want To Turn Visitors Into Customers? Optimize Your Landing Page!

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Want To Turn Visitors Into Customers? Optimize Your Landing Page!

Want To Turn Visitors Into Customers Optimize Your Landing Page

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If high, landing page bounce rates causing abandonment issues, if the average conversion rate in the industry is twice higher than what you have, if inefficient pay per click solutions are wasting your valuable time and money, than you need to get to work and optimize your landing page. Landing pages are crucial for e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, for pay per click, press releases and for nearly all of the efforts related with internet marketing. Enhancement of conversion rates strongly depend on the landing page. Below we would like to show you best ways to effective and definite optimization of your page:

Superior Page Title

 When the web search action is performed, the search engine attempts to find the title of a page for matching keywords. Therefore, title optimization should be in high priority among other aspects. In order for the title during the web search to be indexed correctly you must keep it short and sharp, and relevant to the service that you offer to maximum.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of the URL

Search engine is usually seeking for 65 characters in the URL, so try to restrict yours. The most suitable landing pages are generated when vertical pipes are separating various subjects and ideas. It is important to include your main keywords in 65 first URL characters; this will increase chances for your website to be found.

What Really Underlies The Phrase: Rich Content?

Rich Content of your website does not suggest that the site requires a lot of animation and graphics. The landing page of a given website should be rich in crisp information with fine aesthetics. When maintaining a website you must keep your visitors interested and this can be done by provision of links to product description and reviews, feedback and query forms, reciprocal websites, profiles in social networks and videos available on YouTube with offered products.

Good Praxis for Heading Tag

In the brief description that constitutes the heading you must utilize the most relevant keywords. For those who browse the web in search of certain items you must make your landing page the best choice by matching perfectly possible users input keywords and your heading’s. Otherwise, if there was a poor keyword selection the user most definitely on a result page will follow another link and navigate away from your website.

Image Optimization

Then how for the better landing page results video or an image from your site can be optimized? As we know every single video and image has a file name to it. For positive effect you must optimize those specific file names for the search engine in such way where the name of the file will contain the most relevant keywords. Carefully selected keywords for an image will surely enhance the rankings of your website in search engine. Also visual perception has a higher impact on users rather than text, thus conversion rate enhances. For more effective optimization you can utilize permutations and different combination of keywords because on the website file names cannot be seen.

Generation of Leads

The leading page consigned for lead generation has a quite specific purpose. Your goal here is to get users to register with your website and grant contact information which later is going to be used for online marketing. The text and the messages you want to convey on a loading page must be persuasive, encouraging, honest and very rich in keywords. The page should be very flowery and even look as a scam. Display customers reviews on the page and this page will definitely have greater influence on lead generation.

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Andrew Smith

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