Want Another Way To Easily Get Dugg?

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I’ve written about it before and it still works like a charm. Here’s one of the easiest ways to get your product or service featured on Digg and even on the Diggnation podcast.
So how do you do it?
1. Feature Digg paraphernalia, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, or anyone else from the Digg posse in an advertisement or anywhere on your site.
2. Create a special version of your product/service for Digg.
Examples of Number One
1. Digg shirt spotted in an IBM Ad – 2304 Diggs.
2. GoDaddy Superbowl commercial featuring Kevin and Alex – 2053 Diggs.
3. A picture of Kevin and Alex from the GoDaddy commercial – 4862 Diggs.
4. Inside the Digg offices with Justin.tv – 774 Diggs.
Examples of Number Two
1. Computer Choppers Digg computer case-mod nearly finished – 1568 Diggs.
2. Computer Choppers Digg computer case-mod completed – 4866 Diggs.
3. Debbie Does Cakes: Cake for Diggnation’s 100th episode – 1470 Diggs.
Here are some other ways to accomplish the same goal:
Create A Tool That Augments The Digg Experience
1. Digg API contest finalists – Over 15,000 cumulative Diggs.
2. Brian Shaler’s collection of Digg tools – 919 Diggs.
3. Facebook’s Digg application – 2795 Diggs
Rank or Nominate Digg
1. Ranked #58 on PC World – 2396 Diggs
2. Nominated for CNet’s Webware awards – 1494 Diggs.
There you have it folks. Pandering to Digg in the highest degree and it works.

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