Vacationing the Social Media Way [Infographic]

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It’s a well known fact these days that social media is having an ever-increasing influence on our daily lives. This is even extended into the ways we travel. From the actual planning of our vacations with social media to posting pictures and reviews of our trips upon our return, there’s no denying social media’s impact on the travel industry.

My own personal habits are to make sure I check in to Foursquare when visiting places of interest, reviewing eateries, hotels and places of interest on Yelp and even posting pictures on Facebook after the fact. How about you? Has the social media bug invaded your travel and vacation time yet? If so, you are not alone!

This infographic from MDG Advertising demonstrates how more and more people are using social media and mobile technology throughout their vacations.

Click image to expand.

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  • I expect the fact that so many Americans vacation in their own country and therefore don’t incur roaming charges helps their mobile/ social usage. Will be intersesting to see whether the capped charges in Europe have a similar effect. Presumably mobile operaters will want to boost usage and run some campaigns to inform travellers but are governments also getting involved?

  • Great infographic that speaks to the importance of not only social media, but having a mobile app for your business.