The State of the Real Estate SERPs – Part 1 [Infographic]

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Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, not only in general, but in search. Smaller, independent real estate agents are finding this to be especially true as large aggregate services seem to be taking over the SERPs. Just take a look at the data.

This will be part 1 of a series focusing on Real Estate and the state of the search industry.

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Jeff Manson
Jeff Manson is the owner of Real Geeks IDX Solutions and American Dream Realty Hawaii. He's a veteran to the industry and has been a... Read Full Bio
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  • Reagen

    Cool! Love the conversation. I think generally speaking, real estate is overly dominated by bigger classified websites. Like in our case here in the Philippines, even big real estate developers with huge marketing budget are no where to be found in the 1st page. Local search is even worst. More often than not, you’ll see 10 listings from 1 domain. Talk about market domination.

  • Jason Corvallis OR Realtor

    I personally think it depends on the area. In some giant cities, you will find a mix, like described above. With cities of 100k people or less, you’ll see a lot more local realtors. Over-all its a long term strategy, you have to always to hunting for links, putting out content and adding to your assets. Most of these realtors don’t, that’s why you don’t see them up there. Just my 2 cents.