The Biggest Social Media Trends of 2020, According to 34 Experts

Download our ebook and find out the top social media trends you need to know in 2020, according to 34 of today’s top marketing professionals.

In The Biggest Social Media Trends of 2020, According to 34 Experts, discover how the following trends will impact social media marketing this year:

  • Connection + Community + Experience
  • Authentic Influencers
  • Diversify with TikTok, Reddit & More
  • Reimagine Social Analytics
  • Use Employee Advocacy to Your Advantage
  • Get Creative: Stop Being Boring!
  • Stories 2.0
  • Use Social Media as a Discovery Engine
  • YouTube & Video
  • Leverage UGC

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You’ll get more uncensored and unfiltered insights and tips straight from these experts on how to succeed at SEO in 2020:

  • Brie E Anderson
  • Kendall Bird
  • Anna Bredava
  • Lisa Buyer
  • Mel Carson
  • Sarah Clarke
  • Brent Csutoras
  • Mary Davies
  • Pierre DeBois
  • Brandon Doyle
  • Victoria Edwards
  • Emma Franks
  • Erin Fredregill
  • Greg Jarboe
  • Erin Jones
  • Kristi Kellogg
  • Lenka Koppova
  • Kevan Lee
  • Debbie Miller
  • Virginia Nussey
  • Ted Rubin
  • Sam Ruchlewicz
  • Elena Salazar
  • Mark Schaefer
  • Chris Sciulli
  • Ashley Segura
  • Krystian Szastok
  • Mari Smith
  • Mark Traphagen
  • Anastasia Warren
  • Amanda Webb
  • Michael Williams
  • Joe Youngblood
  • Dennis Yu

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Download our ebook and discover the most important trends you need to know.