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September 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal

#1:  3 Ways Content Will Be Affected by Google’s Latest Hummingbird Update

By:  Rick Egan

Google seems to be coming up with new updates sooner and sooner. This article explains the way in which content will be effected by Google. Some, like content becoming richer and more relevant are expected. Authorship is playing a bigger role as well, which may be a surprise to some. Rick Egan explains how both will play a role in future content.


#2:  11 Places to Find Awesome Content Marketing Ideas

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Coming up with content ideas can be a struggle sometimes, right? Jayson wrote a terrific piece, in which he gave us 11 places to get ideas. My favorite one was getting ideas from LinkedIn groups. Which idea has really helped you out lately?


#3:  The Definitive Guide to Using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool for Keyword Research

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Were you bummed when Google got rid of the Google Keyword Tool? I think we all were. The new Keyword Planner empowers us to be able to do more fine-tuned research, helps us organize our  keywords more efficiently and provides more useful information about each keyword.


#4:  9 Tips and Tools to Get The Most Out of Gmail

By:  Albert Costill | @albertcostill

Gmail has a lot of features, some of which you may not have used. Albert gave us a pretty extensive list of ways that we can get the most out of Google mail. Some of these include: creating labels, Google Drive, Labs, events, rapportive Add-on, shortcuts, customized email addresses, star power, and prioritization. Which of these features will you start using?


#5: Has Google Gone 100% NOT PROVIDED & Secure Search?

By:  Loren Baker | @lorenbaker

If you are an avid Google Analytics user, then you most likely saw your NOT PROVIDED data shoot through the roof. Many SEOs are quite disappointed, as this renders GA less useful. What’s your take on this issue?


#6: 120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs [Infographic]

By:  Venchito Tampon | @venchito14

Lists are always a hit, and this one is no exception. Venchito Tampon created an infographic (another hit) which shows new bloggers how to kick-start their marketing efforts. New blogs have the added challenge of not having back links or authority with Google. This guide helps get things moving quickly.


#7: 17 Online Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity and Make Your Life Easier

By:  Natalie McCatty | @nmccatty8

Having issues keeping track of it all? Natalie McCatty has created a list of the most practical productivity tools for online marketers and stressed out content creators alike. The great thing about this list is that they are well-known and widely used, making it more likely that the people you share it with will be using it too.


#8: Google Glass and 4 Other Products That Prove 2014 Will Be The Year of Wearable Tech

By:  Albert Costill | @albertcostill

2014 is going to be a very interesting year for technology. In addition to Google Glass, four other wearable tech items will be released. They are: Samsung Galaxy Gear, Fitbit Flex, Whistle, and the Sesame Ring. I am very excited about the merge of technology and the everyday accessories that we wear.


#9: Using Black Hat Tools for White Hat Purposes

By:  Charles Floate | @Charles_SEO

Charles introduced an SEO paradigm shift with this post. He taught us the power of using black hat tools for white hat benefits. You’ll have to read it and let me know what you think. Some of these black tools include: ScrapeBox, The Best Spinner, SEOPressor, Micro Niche Finder, and Private Network Posts.

#10: How to Earn Links with Google’s New Business Photos

By:  Bernadette Coleman

Is your business a visual business? If so, you’ll benefit greatly from Google’s new business photos feature. This feature allows you to create virtual tours so your customers can walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before, just like being there!


#11: Building & Monetizing Facebook Fan Pages

By:  Wyatt Jozwowski | @c4n4d4

Do you stray away from building your business on Facebook? Wyatt taught us all how to picking a niche, build our fan base, and monetize our pages. There’s never been a better time to make money with Facebook!


#12: How Google Collects Search Quality Data On Your Site

By:  Johann Beishline | @LeadersWin

Google is serious about the quality of its search results. Through Johann, we learned that Google employs several techniques for improving the search quality. They include: Webmaster Tools spam reports, Google Search quality raters, surveys, questionnaires, social media metrics, and website statistics. What other tactics have you seen Google use to gather more manual forms of search quality data?


#13: Three Awful Things That People Actually Think Are True about SEO

By:  Daniel Threlfall | @dthrelfall

There are a number of SEO lies out there. I appreciate people like Daniel who speak out against all the garbage that is floating around in our industry. Some of these include: “I should optimize my anchor text.”, “Throw enough mud on the wall; some of it will stick.”, and “We’ll get first-page rankings in a few weeks.” Are you taking a stand against the lies as well?


#14: 5 Reasons You’ll Need to Increase Your SEO Budget in 2014

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

As Google continues to make changes to their algorithm, you can expect your SEO budget to increase. No longer can you game and manipulate the system for good search positions.  Scaling up your social media and developing a content marketing strategy will surely be among some of the things that will drive up your SEO budget.


#15: 5 Directory Submission Ideas for Local and Global Online Businesses

By:  Alesia Krush | @AlesiaKrush

If you’ve got a local business, then you’ve surely heard about Local SEO. Part of this strategy includes submitting to local directories. There have been rumors regarding the ineffectiveness of directory submissions for SEO, or even the potential dangers this practice holds. Alesia did us a great honor when she showed us how to find appropriate directories to submit to that actually have value.

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September 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal

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