Netscape: One Year Down The Road

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June 15th marked the 1-year anniversary of the new Netscape, or as the ‘social edition’ of Netscape. Much has changed in the meantime, and here’s a look at how the social news portal has evolved and adapted over the year.
Back when the site first launched, the whole blogosphere cried ‘thieves!’ and argued that Netscape had essentially ripped off Digg, a story that even became one of the most voted on stories on Netscape (thanks of course to a multitude of Digg users). Two months later, in an effort to help the social news site in its nascent stages, Jason Calcanis, then at the helm, decided to hire top users from Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, and other social news sites, adding fuel to the fire.
The site has come a long way in a year, and not only have the changes effectively checked the plunging of the portal’s traffic, but by some (perhaps more accurate) measures have even resulted in healthier than expected growth.
But the site hasn’t just increased in pageviews and number of registered users. With the launch of My.Netscape, the Netscape Navigator 9.0, and NewsQuake, the site continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of socially driven news to become a viable contender in the space.
**Disclaimer: I am a Netscape Scout.

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  • Berkay

    It’ll be nice if we can see what the lines in the alexe graph are (which line is for which site?).

  • Muhammad Saleem

    Sorry about that.
    Blue – Netscape
    Red – Digg
    Yellow – Reddit

  • Me

    Hm.. And what happened to Digg around March/April 2006 for that big jump up?
    When I see something like that in a site (moving along certain level, jump up a lot and stay there), I know it’s mainly about something the site did, rather than a sudden increase in audience, etc.

  • Me

    Mark, I just read the story and in the comments it looks like that theory wasn’t as accurate as one might have hoped due to a mismatch in the dates. The fact however that other sites did experience that spike as well (such as slashdot) makes clear that it wasn’t something related to Digg itself. Interesting stuff, but no clear answer yet.

  • Anthony

    Netscape hasn’t adapted to the changing landscape – they have self destroyed themselves.

  • constructicle

    i like netscape in the past.but now,only mozilla is the one that i think is up to standard

  • Juvin

    guys, so you are still talking about netscape?
    is the are any secret info regarding this old browse?
    anyway netscape was my fav’s browser in the fast

  • bad graph

    what’s the point of the graph if it does not have a histogram.
    what’s the blue red and brown lines?