7 Tips To Increase Landing Page Conversions

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Lauren Vaccarello
Lauren Vaccarello
7 Tips To Increase Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Optimization Tips

The economy sucks, margins are down and consumers aren’t buying, but those aren’t the real reason your website isn’t converting well.  Your landing pages are the problem.  Landing pages are becoming overly complicated data dumps where the short attention spanned consumer is left to sort through the pop-ups, multiple focus points, talking heads and flashing pictures. No wonder bounce rates are astronomical on most sights. Let’s stop blaming poor market conditions and take a note from Alec Baldwin.

Conversion Optimization

7  Tips To Increase Conversions

1.    Call to Actions Matter
Have an offer on your landing pages and tell your visitors what action you want them to take.  “Fill out the form below to Run Faster, Jump Higher and get Hot Chicks” is not overkill.  Adding a call to action where there was none to your landing page, whether it be a high ranking subpage or a ppc landing page will have a drastic impact.

Call To Action

2.    Digestible content
Good content on your landing pages are a must, but make this content easily scannable. This means break it up into easily digested sections that walk visitors to the conversion.

3.    Minimize choice
If you can’t summarize the purpose of your landing page in 5 words, then your visitors will never be able to figure it out.  Give users one option, the conversion option. I know what you are thinking, “but what if my visitor wants to read more.” No they don’t. They want to sign on the line which is dotted.  Don’t prevent them from doing that.  Try signing up for home delivery of your local paper and getting this.


4.    Keep It SIMPLE
I’ve worked with some incredible designers. The problem with incredible designers is they have all these skills to make landing pages walk, talk, move and blink. Strip all of that away and create simple pages that guide your eye to the SUBMIT button.

5.    Keep form length to a minimum
Data is king when it comes to cross marketing, but if your form has too many fields then you are going to lose the sale all together. Use hidden fields to collect implicit data ( if they came to your site on the keyword “nursing degree” don’t ask them what degree they are interested in).

The required information in the two forms below is virtually identical, but which form do you think has a 10+% conversion rate?

Conversion Form Examples

6.    Avoid marketing speak
Newspapers are written at a 6th grade reading level and your landing page should be too. Don’t use abstract terms, buzz words or marketing speak. Be direct and use simple English.

7.    Envoke Trust

Have a clean professional websites without broken images or out of date copy. Use logos that convey credibility like awards your company has won, professional association memberships and accreditations. There are a lot of choices on the internet and you want to assure your users that they are making the right one.

Omniture trust logos

Now that you have some tips to help improve your conversion rates, let’s all agree to stop blaming the economy and start converting.

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