How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page & Get Lots of Fans

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Ever since my last year’s post on the differences between the Facebook fan page and Facebook group (which needs an update by the way), people are contacting me with various questions related to the topic.

One of the most frequent questions is about the most effective ways to promote a Facebook fan page.

So here you go: the most effective, not really difficult to implement and quite obvious ways to promote your fan page:

Round 1: Create fresh content for people to want to join:

  • Aggregate your blog feed. Simply RSS allows to automatically update your fan page wall with your blog RSS. You may also want to import your blog feed to your fan page notes (for that go: “Edit page“, find “Notes” under “Application” and click “Edit“, then “Edit import settings” and at last provide your feed URL).

Promote Facebook fan page: import blog feed

  • Try Static FBML is another app to keep in mind: it adds advanced functionality to your Page using the Facebook Static FBML application. This application will add a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.
  • Add a personal note: Add your personal photos, personal welcome-videos are also great (create a short video welcoming your fans and describing what they can do on your page);
  • Provide a place for interaction/self promotion: Start a thread on your Discussion Board that allows your fans to promote their sites or inviting to share Twitter IDs and to follow each other.

Round 2: Invite your friends to join

There’s no way to invite all your friends in bulk but you can spend a few minutes to select (all) your friends and send an invitation to them;

Promote fan page: invite friends

Now, once you are done, go ahead and ask your best friends to invite people as well

Round 3: Try social ads

The best thing about Facebook advertising (well actually there are two: one is that you can pay as little as $1 per day to test it and the second one…) is that it can be very well-targeted (still, it won’t work for all niches and campaign types but sometimes it works quite well). The Facebook ad campaign can be targeted to:

  • Location;
  • Age group;
  • Sex;
  • Education;
  • Keywords;
  • Work place;
  • Relationship status;
  • Language;
  • Connections (fan page, event or group) – this means you can for example target fans of your competitor;
  • Friends’ connections:

Promote Facebook fan page: social ad

Round 4: Promote on Twitter

If you (or your friends) have solid following on Twitter, promote your Facebook fan page there.

Besides, you can link your page to your Twitter account by simply clicking this link:

Link Facebook page to Twitter

There you can select to share status updates, links, photos, notes, and events with your followers on Twitter, directly from your Facebook Page thus promoting it to your Twitter followers:

Promote fan page: Twitter

Round 5: Leverage your email contacts

Doing business and networking on the Internet, you are likely to have a huge number of contacts in your email address book, so why not take advantage of that:

  • Include your page URL in your email signature for business correspondence;
  • Include your page URL in your email signature for Customer support, customer status updates and other automated messages;
  • Leverage Gtalk status: let your facebook fan page URL display whenever your IM contact hovers over your profile name:

Promote Facebook fan page: Gtalk

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  • Lynda

    Thanks for the great tips and perfect timing. I am working on my fan page right now. Much appreciated.

  • Karen McAllister

    Lots of great suggestions here. We’re always looking for new ways to boost our FB numbers at, so thanks!

  • Muxx

    I actually gave this a test recently for my DJ blog.

    I already had a Facebook fan page created but was wondering what I could do with it besides simply linking it on the blog.

    What I found was that people were more willing to become a fan on Facebook rather than subscribe to the RSS.

    I think it’s because it is less work and non intrusive, they don’t really have to make this big decision to log into their RSS and keep up to date on the posts.

    The fan page is great because I tell people what is going on and engage the fans with dialog, it’s like an interactive RSS.

    I highly suggest business try this out with building their brand ūüôā

  • Deb Ward

    Ann, thanks for all your concise, “how-to” pieces. I always find something I can use and appreciate your insights. I’d like to know more about FBML and how to use it. Is it like modifying CSS for a template? How can I learn more?

  • Jim
  • Jason

    Thanks for the great tips an interesting Facebook fact! If Facebook was a country it would be the 4th largest country in the world. Lol, thats how huge it has become!

  • Karen

    Recently, we just launched our fan page on Facebook and also Twitter. These tips are very useful to us as the beginner. Thanks!

  • Martin

    Cool tips! Hope these tips help me while creating a facebook page. Thanks.

  • Nancy E. Wigal

    Thanks Ann! I’m doing pretty much all of what you suggest, but it’s too early to tell if it’ll yield dividends; on the other hand, it hasn’t cost me anything but some time and effort.

  • Wayne Smallman

    Anne, there’s some good advice in there.

    However, I would caution against relying on a link to your blog’s RSS. I much prefer to share URLs and add personal comments, which attract much more activity.

    Plus, if there’s to be any interaction at all, it’s on the Wall tab, rather than any other.

    As for the link to Twitter, it is a total disaster from beginning to end, and I’d urge all of you to avoid it — if you add a comment to a Note item when sharing a URL, that comment is the title that people see on Twitter and not the title of the article itself.

    Worse still, the URL posted to Twitter isn’t to the Note item, it’s straight to the source website itself, which utterly defeats the point of having a Page in the first place and solves absolutely nothing.

    • Jake


      Try using a Twitter application like TweetDeck, Seismic, HootSuite to handle uploads instead of all the “links” FB and Twitter try to set up. Then you can control what the bi-lines say and which link you want. This is what I transitioned to. PLUS you can schedule the status updates and tweets!

  • Link Moser

    This was a great, concise article on how to promote your Facebook page. I have figured a few of these out on my own but it was great to be reminded of some basic first steps. Well done!

  • Nathan

    I followed similar steps when I starting working on the Palmetto Cheese Fan page. I do recipe videos using Palmetto Cheese; which gives your fans something to interact with. You can also put your videos on your blog, Youtube and Flickr along with keywords and tags that will let additional fans find you. I also put info at the end of the video telling potential fans about the Palmetto Cheese Fan Page. Paired with placing an ad on Facebook the fan page has grown from about 170 to over 1,400 in roughly a month.

    Thanks for the great article!

  • Rob Griggs

    Some nice tips Ann! I especially liked the gtalk status tip which I wasn`t aware of. Thanks.

  • Vikk Simmons

    I did an FB fan page for my Down the Writer’s Path blog about a year ago and it’s worked great. I had my blog entries imported to the fan page. I also set up discussions that generated a lot of activity. I find that I use my fan page in a different way from the blog and it’s been a great way to encourage conversations. I make a point to do quick short status updates with many of them having to do with related links and short dialogues to engage and gather my reader’s opinions. I have 650+ fans and the site continues to grow.

    Sometimes I use “share” on the fan page to post a link or article to my personal FB page. Sometimes I cross post from other blogs that I have that have related content. I’ve done some light cross-pollination with Twitter. So it’s good to see I’m doing okay. Didn’t know about the app you mentioned and the video is an interesting idea.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Laura Livengood Schaub

    Thanks for the good tips, check, check & check. I would agree with Wayne, however, about being careful of automated feeds and posts to other platforms; the most successful pages seem to have the most personal interaction and strategically mixed content streams.

    My biggest recommendation is to not separate fan posts, but to have everything on the main wall. Monitor, encourage and respond to fan comments.

    If you hit a lull in growth, ask your fans to use ‘Suggest to Friends’ to promote to their own network. Then thank them for the new fans that come in.

    And remember, once you have 25 fans you can get a simplified username

  • Karen Clark

    Great tips! FB also provides Fan Page widgets you can post on your website or blog. I’ve also used the My Info app to insert a logo and ‘Become a Fan’ button with HTML to my Profile, leading to my Fan Page. You can see it here:

  • Sandhan

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to get more value from my FB fan page… as one of the other commentators has already said… great timing and super helpful… thanks.. more please.

  • Timo Luege

    Sorry, but I totally disagree about feeding your blogs RSS into your Facebook page (see: ). In my opinion the fact that your posts become notes on your Facebook page is not a benefit, it’s a problem. Notes are hard to read, not visually attractive and do not promote your blog very well. I think it’s much better to simply post your blog posts manually to your page.

    Lately I have been using the NetworkedBlogs-application to read the RSS feed automatically and then post it to the page. So far that looks promising since it links directly to the blog and includes a little thumbnail.

  • Neil

    fantastic advice, I shall be implementing a lot of the ideas on a new fan page I am in charge of

  • Tampa Website Design

    Whats a great post ANN. Its really to promote Fan page in facebook.

  • brooks

    Am I missing something here? A facebook fan page (not your normal page) sends tweets to a Twitter account automatically? The twitter interface works, but not for a FAN page as far as the testing I’ve just done?

    Am I wrong here? All I want is my fan page updates to post to twitter so I don’t have to!

    Or maybe there’s something in Twitter to post to a particular Fan or group page? Thoughts?

  • Debbie

    i made a fan page, but not even sure how to”create that little flag on page that says become a fan” invite friends to the page via my regular facebook page etc.
    seems like all the articles that tell you how were prior to the new format.

  • six19creativeseo

    Thanks for Useful tips. Nice

  • ifuncity

    super post. i will definitely try all this. i just launched my fan page. hopefully it will help.

  • Nikon Cameras

    When people search on facebook our fan page comes up after our normal facebook page. Is there anyway just to have a fan page. How do you guys deal with this

  • Anatolie Ca

    Great! Thanks from Chisinau, Moldova ūüėČ

  • Manjunath D S

    Thank for valuable tips on promoting facebook fan page. Lot of comments that helped also.

  • Manjunath D S

    Thank for valuable tips on promoting facebook fan page. Lot of comments that helped also.

  • Helene

    Thank you so much for providing me with us valuable and relevant information. I have utilized the provided information and now hope it all works out.

    What I like so much was the screen dumps with step by step guide that was easy to read and understand. If only everyone explained and provided graphics with tutorials and/or explainations how much easier would it be for everyone.

    Again a HUGE thank you from Australia

  • Debasish

    Thanks – very helpful

  • Near Dubai Area –

    Thanks For the info.
    I have connected facebook to twitter like you mentioned.
    But, don’t see any fb posts on twitter.
    Any Suggestions?


  • DineshG

    Thanks Ann … it was really useful for me ….

  • Luv

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks a lot for your article! We are trying to boost our facebook fan numbers, hope it grows like weed!!! ūüôā


  • Katie Rose

    Thanks for the info! In trying to promote my jewelry business, I’ve found it much easier to grow a following on Twitter than on Facebook. I’ll try your suggestions and hopefully my Facebook fans will grow! Thanks!

    ~Katie Rose