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Blogging is an enjoyable habit especially for those who love writing and expressing themselves to others. Many people even make a living out of it. However, gaining profits in writing blogs is not an easy task especially if you are just starting your blogging career. Other than writing relevant content, driving traffic to your website is also essential and it is not an easy task. It takes time and persistence to build online history and gain consistent traffic. No traffic, no money.

To increase traffic to your blog, you have to be effective in your website promotion activities. This may include your blog appearance, SEO, social media promotions and email marketing.

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Blog Appearance

  1. Blog ApperanceBlogging Platform: There are several good and free blogging platforms available online. Most famous platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal. WordPress is the most preferred platform by many bloggers and it is also originally designed for blogging. But if you want to put some dynamic functionality like social networking and ecommerce features, you may consider using Joomla and Drupal.On the other hand, it is also possible if you want to create your own blog site from raw. Hence, it will take you more time unlike setting up a site using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Also, in using either one of these three options, several modules and plugins are already available for your convenience plus worldwide support communities that are willing to help you out with your platform issues.
  2. Color Theme: Your choice of colors is very important for your blog appearance. Through colors, you can trigger different emotions of your readers. Most blogs tend to use light colors for their backgrounds, and dark colors for the texts, (such as White & Black) this makes the content more readable for general users.
  3. Navigational Layout: Make your layout navigational. Organize your links and blocks well. Make your recent posts and most famous articles are accessible to your readers. Study and experiment well for your ad positions. Also, putting them in the right places can make your number of click through higher.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)SEO

  1. Relevant Content for Your Focused Niche: When we say relevant content, it means content that is helpful to readers.The web is continuously being updated every day, where users are continuously looking for good content that relates to them, aim to publish new content on a daily, or weekly biases that will link to your audience.
  2. Link Building: The number of back links is essential if you want higher page ranks. Like voting system, search engines will determine your website relevance with the number of link presence you have on the web.. These links can be achieved in various ways, Submitting to bookmarks is an effective link building activity, or by writing guest articles, or even networking on social media websites.
  3. Public Relations: Public relations like press release and article submissions can also help you promote your site, increase back links and expose more your website.
  4. Ping: Submitting to ping sites like Ping-O-Matic everytime you made changes in your site can trigger the search engines to visit your website and index your new pages.

Social Media PromotionsSocail Media Promotions

  1. Twitter: Recently, Google started indexing twitter pages. Therefore, whatever you tweet in connection to your website will affect your online presence. Be creative with your tweets, add your keywords and link them to your website. However, re-tweet other helpful posts also to gain more followers.
  2. Facebook: Facebook is now the largest social networking site on the web. Everyday billions of users are interacting on this site, which is an enough reason to invest time and promote your websites on Facebook.
  3. Other Online Community and Blogging Sites: Aside from Twitter and Facebook, investing time to other blogging sites and online communities like forums and other social networking sites can gain more exposures to your websites. Prevent spamming, post relevant comments that would help others. With this, you are not only promoting your blog, but you are also building relationships to your peer bloggers.
  4. Commenting on other blogs: Create a list of blogs that you would read regularly, and which relate to your business. Aim to leave useful comments on articles that are published on these blog, be creative with your comments, by writing comments that would provide extra value to the post and readers.
  5. Forums: A good way of building your presence and getting users to your blog, is by using forums. Register with forums within your niche, and answer few questions that the users ask, do this regularly, over time you would build your brand awareness and start to drive traffic to your site. When answering questions, be as helpful as you can, and provide answers that would be effective and helpful to all reading that question.

Email Marketing

  1. Email MarketingPitch Page for Mailing List: Sending emails to people who do not give you any permission to do so is loud and clear spamming. Do not do this. Create a pitch page or pitch block in your website where your readers can submit their email address to subscribe to your newsletters. You can get embed codes for this by using tools like Aweber autoresponder or FeedBurner.
  2. Good Layout and Content: Sending an attractive and corporate looking e-newsletter can prevent your recipients to hit the “spam” button. Be creative with your layout and give them good content. Put links directing to your website. Also, offering some games, rewards or other promotions can be a good call to action to your readers to visit your blog.

Guest Blogging Guest Blogging

Last but not the least also, have a presence as a guest blogger on various authority and related sites of your industry. As guest blogging is more than writing a blog post for some other blog, it has got many benefits, which can improve your image as a blogger and also help you promote your own blog by reaching out to communities established by these blogs.

Best is to write guest posts for other blogs and also invite and publish guest posts on your own blog. This gives maximum exposure to your blog and helps you reach out multifold on the web by opening doors for other SEO and social media benefits attached to guest blogging. Hence, this can be termed as a win-win situation where the blogger and the blog both benefit in various ways.

There are so many things that you may do to gain maximum exposure for your blog. Also, give time to research for useful tools to automate your blog sharing and make your promotion easier. Pursue the marketing and outreach of your blog keeping abreast with new ideas and methods on the web as internet marketing keeps evolving and every time you come across a new platform consider how you can portray your business.

Wasim Ismail

Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online industries.
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  • Nick Stamoulis

    These are great tips, not only for promoting your blog, but any website! You’ve laid out the fundamentals of any good SEO campaign. Having a user-friendly website and then slowing building inbound links will help any good site gain traffic over time. The hardest part is being patient and sticking with it!

    • Robert Antwi

      This slowly building inbound links, do you mean to say you have generated inbound links at a pace were you were fined by Google?

      • Evan Varsamis

        I think he wanted to say that, yea…

    • Wasim Ismail

      Yes Nick, the main part is being patent and wait to see the fruits of your efforts.

      • IVAN

        These tips are so helpful. I lookforward to use them in my blogging experience and hopefully they will uplift by experience.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    These are great tips, not only for promoting your blog, but any website! You’ve laid out the fundamentals of any good SEO campaign. Having a user-friendly website and then slowing building inbound links will help any good site gain traffic over time. The hardest part is being patient and sticking with it!

  • ALEX

    if you have money and time you can promote anything. Or you need a lot of money and not your time. Or need a lot of your time and less money. Choose what is more convenient

  • Alyasha

    Good Post. Well structured and organized article. Blogging is important for any sit, it is fresh content and it is way to connect to to your customer base and build the trust with them.For businesses blogging is a way of providing people with something unique that other sites don’t offer and showing people you care about what you do and not just in it to make money.for some reason a lot of people out there do not use this ( although time consuming) important tool and need to be told in nice structured way, why and how they should use it.

  • Craig Desmarais

    Great article for new bloggers like myself. I want to know more about how to produce corporate looking emails to be sent to my subscribers, if anyone knows some good tips you can contact me on twitter. Also what is the best way for setting up someone to guest blog on your site?

  • Bruce Michael

    I just wanna add 1 thing that for starting a blog you must be a great researcher or we say treasure hunter discover something new every time.

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