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15 Inspiring YouTube Video Ideas to Build Your Brand

There are countless ways to promote your brand with video. All you need is a little inspiration and creativity. Here are 15 YouTube video ideas you can use.

Why do you need YouTube videos to promote your brand or business?

Because more than 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every single day.

That’s an incredible volume.

When you want to get noticed, YouTube is the place the be.

The only question is what on earth should you post?

The answers to that are far and wide, and there’s no shortage of suggestions.

That said, you have a specific purpose of building your image on YouTube, and smart brands have figured out that certain types of videos are great for accomplishing this.

Here are 15 YouTube video ideas for building your brand, starting today.

1. Show Off

So, you’ve heard that content is supposed to be about them, not you. This is true, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show off what you’re good at.

Isn’t this why people will want to choose your brand over another?

Red Bull has discovered that YouTube videos are the perfect playground for showing off their brand and personality – who could forget Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from space?

Instead of videos that concentrate on the core product, Red Bull introduces the audience to the brand mantra of adventure and use these experiences to create awesome marketing campaigns.

2. Product Announcements

Once upon a time, brands used commercials and infomercials to highlight a new product release. While these still exist today, they pack nowhere near the punch of other media tools, like video.

Nike caters to sneakerheads around the world with YouTube videos that position new products on the perfect platform for visual announcements and building anticipation before the big release with sneak peeks.

3. Product Demonstration/Explanation

Do you ever wonder if your customers are getting the full value out of your products?

Maybe there’s a general misconception about how your product is used, or you know a secret hack you know about that makes it even cooler.

Either way, product demonstration and explanation videos are a great way to bring awareness to your brand.

When a customer does a search for your brand or the product that you offer, this video will pop up and make whatever you’re promoting seem irresistible.

Nintendo does this amazingly well through live gameplay, trailers and web series that has helped them become one of the most popular brand channels on YouTube.

4. Be a Little Silly

All work and no fun makes for some very boring videos. Sure, there’s a time and place for the technical stuff, but it’s acceptable to step outside the lines and have some fun.

Baking with Babish has done just that – combining editing genius (you almost never see the cook’s face, just his wildly multitalented hands) with a sense of dry humor and goofiness that has netted over 2 million YouTube followers.

Not an expert chef? Consider a behind the scenes look at your business leaving in some of the crazy team shenanigans that take place.

Have someone with a knack for humor on your team? Let them do a light-hearted discussion video on some aspect of your brand. The goal? Let them see who you are when you’re not all business.

5. Comparison

There are a couple ways that you can work comparison videos. You can use them as an opportunity to compare your products or services against a competitor, or, similar to Wirecutter, you can try a side-by-side comparison of competing products.

When doing comparison videos, it’s crucial to keep one thing in mind: you don’t want to turn anyone off of what your promoting.

Videos that obviously insult other’s products or make the consumer feel as though they’re less for not choosing a premium product aren’t going to accomplish any of your goals.

Keep it positive, make sure to highlight some solid qualities of each, and give clear reasons why you’ve landed on a preferred product.

6. Influencer Videos

If you’ve been paying attention to marketing trends, you know all about influencers.

Influencers are personalities that help promote your brand through their popularity.

Most people tend to think of huge names when it comes to influencers, but smart brands know that local and industry-specific influencers are the names you need to generate traffic.

There really isn’t a better way to show off your influencer connections than through video.

One of my favorite tools, CognitiveSEO, has recently started partnering with industry influencers by asking them to take part in a series of Q&A videos.

This is a perfect example of how to leverage industry influencers to help your own brand.

7. Industry Myth Busting

People love it when a long-standing myth is busted. Take the popularity of shows like Mythbusters for example.

What myths surrounding your brand need to be busted once and for all? Look at customer reviews, comments, and questions for inspiration.

Still stuck for ideas? Turn to your industry in general and tackle some common misconceptions.

8. Celebrate a Milestone

Got a milestone coming up? Maybe the first anniversary of the day you opened your doors, or your 1000th product sold?

Lego took to YouTube to celebrate their 60th birthday by making a video – combined with a few product announcements.

If you take advantage of this type of video, it becomes a great chance to bring a timeline of your success to life.

Want to sweeten the pot? Promise a giveaway or awesome discount to celebrate your success.

9. Tips for Being Successful in Business

If your goal is to have your audience see you as an authority in the business, a “tip-for-success-video” can be the tool to that increases that image.

As a business person, especially if you own a local, small business, the community around you is going to be excited about what you have to say.

There are others out there who want to have the same success that you’re enjoying. Why not give them a little boost by sharing some of your best industry business tips?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of this as he provides years of experience in his videos. He also goes into detail about the advice he provides in public speaking events and books.

As a result, his channel is a favorite among entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

10. A History of Your Industry

Does a history video sound a little dull? Well, if you’re a history buff or just someone that knows how to bring the history of your industry to life, it isn’t dull at all.

Is there some exciting history in your industry that people might not know about?

For example, Dairyland Insurance does a great job of incorporating the video reviews of classic motorcycles to their channel.

Insurance specific? Not really.

Applicable to their target audience? Absolutely!

Consider adding in some historical props and costumes for extra fun.

11. Give a Tip

Another way of adding value to your viewer’s lives is by providing them seemingly random tips that have an indirect direct focus on promoting your brand, product, or expertise.

Apartment Therapy stays true to their mantra of “saving the world, one room at a time” by providing ideas and tips for hacking dressers, hanging plants, creating floating wall art, and doing feng shui in minute-or-less video bites.

Short and sweet is the key to these video tips.

12. Inspirational Videos

One thing that’s almost always guaranteed to get a reaction is emotionally fueled content.

Your audience wants to feel something when they watch your videos.

Sometimes, they want to feel humored, other times surprised, and then there are the emotions that come from something inspirational.

I recently discovered a love for photography and stumbled across Thomas Heaton’s YouTube channel. It’s full of inspirational content for both the seasoned photographer and novice like myself.

As a business, are you connected to a cause, or have a heartwarming customer story to share? Inspirational videos let the audience feel good about the time they just spent watching, and they put your brand in a positive light.

13. Have a Discussion

Not every video needs to be scripted. Sometimes, the best videos are free-flowing. One of the best examples of this is a discussion video.

Just pick a topic, sit in front of the camera, and let it roll.

OK, you probably want to have an idea of where you plan on taking the discussion, but don’t put too much into planning it out word for word.

As you can see in Moz’s video above, your video will seem more natural and trustworthy that way.

14. Customer Stories & Testimonials

One of the best ways to use video to promote your brand is by letting the camera bring the stories of your real customers to life.

National homebuilder, Taylor Morrison, does this well by highlighting consumer experiences that incorporate not only their product but also the broader considerations every homeowner struggles with when choosing a new home: location, family growth, etc.

Track down some of your regulars or contact a few people that have left glowing remarks for you on social media. Ask them if they would like to share their unique experience with your brand on a video.

For local and small businesses, this works especially well recognizable people in the community can be highlighted.

15. Uncommon Q&A

You’ve probably noticed that some of your customers have questions that just can’t be covered in the FAQ section of your website. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be answered at all.

Hit up your inbox, reviews, and comments and find some uncommon, even quirky, questions about your brand to answer on video.

For example, Darren over at Whitespark has started a great Whitespark Weekly series focused on local SEO tips and tricks – often derived from user questions.

The format and content check off a handful of the recommendations included this list and, for anyone involved in the local space, this series is definitely worth checking out!


There are countless ways to promote your brand through video. All you need is a little inspiration and creativity.

Start with the ideas in the post for inspiration, and in no time you’ll be coming up with plenty of creative ideas on your own.

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15 Inspiring YouTube Video Ideas to Build Your Brand

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