How To Get The Most Out of Shoemoney Tools Beta

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About a year and a half ago I went to Jeremy Schoemaker’s house for a few days (aka Shoemoney, aka Shoe) because I heard rumors that the Shoemoney team was making tons of money from the affiliate marketing/arbitrage space. I wanted to learn first hand on how I could do the same.

During my short stay at the Shoemoney house, Shoe gave me access to his teams internal tools, and by the time I came back I had created a additional $1,000.00 per day in PROFIT through pay-per-click arbitrage.

When I wrote the blog post about Shoemoney University, I couldn’t go into the details about how I made money because the tools were private. But now that the tools are public, I am able to share what made me successful.

At first when you see domains with 900 links, in which 30 are from .edu sites and a couple are from .gov sites, your initial instinct might be to buy and register a ton of them. The key to using the domain marketplace within the Shoemoney tools is to have a game plan on what you are going to do with each domain.

My plan is to basically buy 10 domains at a time from the domain market place. With some of the domains I can quickly determine that I can build a nice site around them. For some of the others I might just 301 redirect them to other existing sites.

The key to redirecting and building new sites is to have the sites up BEFORE you register the domain. The last thing you want to have happen is for Google to index 5,000 Godaddy parked pages.

Or at the minimum you want to have a redirecting script in place.

A simple script that has a array of URLs that you want to promote and rotate between can be used:

$urls= array(


$rand_key = array_rand($urls);
$link= $urls[$rand_key];
header(“Location: $link”,TRUE,301);

I think any decent SEO can see the value in picking up links like that.

Another tool I use is the PPC tool which is simply awesome. With it, one person can do the work of a staff of 20. All you have to do is pick a niche, generate keywords, and then generate ad copy. Upload them to your Adwords/MSN account and repeat. Also the local PPC tools are awesome for doing local PPC.

The cost for the tools during the beta period is only $99.00 per month. If you think that cost sounds like a lot then you must not use any paid tools because in order to get a portion of the functionality of the Shoemoney tools elsewhere, you have to spend AT LEAST $1,000.00 A MONTH.

Also beta users will be locked in at the $99 rate even after the beta program is over and the normal price goes to $249 or more per month.

Lastly, the Shoemoney tools is not for the newbie looking to make money online. Do not think that just by signing up for the tools you are going to get rich, but if you are familiar with PPC and affiliate programs its an amazing tool set.

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