How to Get a Virtual Look of Your Next Travel Destination

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No matter where your next vacation may be, chances are you’d like to know as much as possible what to expect from that city. Perhaps what it looks like, how the roads are, what shops are there, so you can best prepare your plans and maximize the time spent. Lucky for you, the Internet now offers many in-depth street level views of almost any popular cities in the world. According to Timeshare Secrets, 36% of 1.000 people said they used Internet to plan their vacation.

No more grappling with travel books or browsing Atlas to give you an idea of what  the place you will be traveling to has in store for you.

If you haven’t yet then visit  Google’s Streetview, Bing’s Streetside and Mapquest 360 View and see for yourself how amazing this technology is and helpful in so many ways. You can now get accurate pictures and 360 views of streets and tourist areas that you can use to plan your itinerary or give you a mental image to refer to. Here are among the most helpful websites featuring this virtual street viewing so you can get a heads up of what to see on your visit.

When visiting China. Check out City 8 which covers intensive photos of more than 40 cities in the country. You may need help though as you are likely to get lost in translation as the site is in Chinese. But the photos by itself are highly fascinating that you cannot wait but be there among the images.

Eastern and Central Europe. Unlike City8 which is most loyal to its local language, NORC is available in English and offers images of Eastern and Central Europe’s famous landmarks. Interesting is the feature to view the streets in 3D, though you have to have your own 3D glasses. Now that’s cool.

The West Coast. MapJack has random photos of some areas in the West Coast in the USA and surprisingly of Thailand. You will be sure to appreciate the almost high definition quality of  MapJack’s images which puts StreetView to shame. Just have a look at its vivid images of the Yosemite National Park and of Chiang Mai.

Germany. Sightwalk not only offers images of Germany’s most adored cities like Berlin and Munich, but also boast of maps that links popular spots to Wikipedia links. Very convenient indeed. Sightwalk also connects to Facebook and Twitter. It is very user-friendly as it is in English and the photos are adequate enough.

Russia. Yet to be serviced by Google’s Streetview, Yandex is your best bet to see Russian cities before you actually land on its ground. Yandex is Russia’s largest search engine so it is no surprise that it offers high quality images of what Russia has to offer. With its options for street level or panoramic views, this website is a sure help though you may need to overcome the language barrier as the site is in Russian.

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