Has Google Street View Hit London?

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[Photo from Dvorak.org, which broke the story]

These black Volkswagon Beetles with video cameras mounted on them have been seen patroling the streets of London, capturing footage of unsuspecting innocents. Is Google behind this?

Expect Google Street Views of London popping up sometime soon on Google UK.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • I hope its Google. If been waiting for Google Streetview in Europe since it started in the US.

  • http://virtcity.ru/rub/index.php?nodeparent=65 – virtual tours of Russian cities.

  • I hope its Google.

  • John

    I would love to see Google Maps Street View in the UK as it would be very interesting and useful, but I am rather worried about the privacy issue!

  • Karen Eliot

    What a lot of horrible tacky ads on this blog!!! Just as well I’m using an adblocker – really works!

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  • Google had to cough up the IP. As they are required by law. And now suddenly Google is … Bold Is Good, I Hope It’s Better Than My Curve

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  • Purzeki

    Yeh, this is google. I’m in Sydney Australia, we’ve got streetview setup already. But I’m coming to the UK in a while, hopefully it will be on. Its an awesome tool to find exactly where you need to go.

  • Adam

    No this isn’t the Google car. The Google car has the google logo pasted all over the side of it (it’s not a secret, they’re not trying to hide it) and the camera mount on the top is a rig with about 6 camera’s pointing in all directions that allow a 360 degree view to be stitched together.

  • ur right this isn’t google, but google are hittin uk seets. just last week they were dwn my north london street. some cars do and don’t have branding but the six cam periscope lookin type rig[I dubbed to make easier, peri-cam] makes it well known.
    stick around n look out cos the uk will be hittin strert view very soon!

  • Forget google we have london streetviews view now on our maps, read the blog:


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  • Very cool, we’ve also done something very similar for our commercial property portal. We have mashed together Google street view with MS live birds eye view. We found that these two platforms offer the highest quality. Check out Commercial property mpa search

  • Wow, that’s a very nice car. I don’t think that’s Google Street though 😉