Google Buys The Dealmap for Offers

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Google Buys The Dealmap for Offers

In 2010, Google acquired more companies than any other, and those trends have continued in the first half of 2011. One important recent purchase for Google was The Dealmap, a local deal mapping service that may give Google access to tens of millions of new deal-seekers.

More About The Dealmap

The exact details of the purchase haven’t been disclosed, but the acquisition was made official on August 1st when The Dealmap posted a blog entry announcing that the company had been sold. While The Dealmap didn’t state exactly how their service would be used by Google, they indicated that they were excited for the future and the potential innovations that the company could make while under Google’s wing, including possibilities in “unexplored areas of commerce.”

The Dealmap will continue running their core business, but may discontinue it at some point in the future. This could create some conflict for The Dealmap, since members of the company’s partner network include Bing – who uses The Dealmap’s technology for the Bing Deals feature.

The Dealmap has been around since May of 2010, but has already passed the two million user mark. More importantly, the partner network generates more than 85 million visitors each month across the U.S. While The Dealmap and Google haven’t worked together publicly before, The Dealmap’s service is built into the Google Maps API.

Value for Google

Google Offers continues to expand.

The appeal of 85 million visitors and two million users should be easy enough to see, and having easy to integrate yet innovative technology at your fingertips is synonymous with “good idea.” Google also has additional incentives packed into the offer, however. For one, Google Offers, the Groupon-like service Google launched earlier this year, is continuing to expand – and the network, deals, and users of The Dealmap will be a boon for the company in that arena.

This is the second Offers-oriented purchase in the last month. Google purchased Punchd, a customer loyalty service, in early July.

[Sources include: ZDnet & The Dealmap Blog]

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