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We’ve known that Google was getting ready to put ads on the radio for awhile now, ever since the $102 million purchase of dMarc Broadcasting, an automated radio advertising company. Today Google actually began playing ads on a radio station in Detroit.
According to Google they are in the middle of negotiating several deals all over the globe. Eric Schmidt says…

We are in the process of introducing AdSense for radio, which is essentially the integration of the dMarc console and management tools into our advertising system. There are a number of very interesting deals being negotiated

Google was responsible for revolutionizing advertising on the Internet and they now look to do the same with radio. The difference is that radio’s a dying breed whereas the Internet was still in its infancy when they first entered. I will admit though, I think this is great for radio and it really opens the door for more potential advertisers. The process will also be automated which means lower prices for advertisers and more sales for radio stations.
It’s good to see Google getting into old industries and shaking things up a bit. Although when they tried with print advertising it didn’t work out to well for them. What do you think, will this be successful for Google? Is TV next?

Cameron Olthuis

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