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This is a great story about Famster interacting with the Digg community. When the site was launched a couple of weeks ago someone put it up on Digg and it ended up getting dugg to the homepage. Ok, so nothing new there. The story got a couple thousand diggs after it was all said and done. Hundreds of people left comments and a lot of the comments were suggestions on how Famster could improve. A great first step for Famster was the fact that they were very active in the discussions going on in the comments section of Digg. A few days later they responded by increasing the storage space and adding a few new features on their site. This is exactly what the Digg community suggested. As a result, Famster ended up getting dugg to the homepage again 3 days later. Famster even put a message on the landing page that credits Digg for the improvements.
Digg is the perfect demographic for Famster and they deserve credit for recognizing that. The Digg community is also a tough audience to please. It is even tougher to get them to stick around on your site once they’ve visited. Famster appeals to this type of crowd and I’m sure they actually converted a good number of people that came from Digg, not many startups can say that.
Famster did a great job of responding to the community and interacting with them in a positive way. Improving your product based on you’re the “markets” suggestions is a great way to show people that you care about them and value their opinions. They flat out gave the community exactly what they were asking for.
As a result of this I’d say they are off to a great start. They have some good buzz momentum going and in this whole process I’m sure several evangelists were created, and these people will keep that buzz going. This is a great example of a company that responded to their buzz in a positive way and based off the latest Digg comments I see it’s been successful for them. I can tell that the community has a great vibe for Famster. This is one of the best examples of social media optimization, along with community building that I have seen recently.

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