Catfight: SEOs vs. Ad Agencies

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It’s no secret that SEOs dislike traditional ad agencies and vice versa. The two have been fighting like a couple of school girls for years now about who’s best to handle online marketing campaigns. Being an SEO, I’m guilty of taking a few cheap shots here and there myself.
This is a fight that the ad agencies have been winning. They’ve managed to paint the picture that SEOs are equivalent to snake oil salesman (which some are), while at the same time dumping millions of dollars of their own clients money down the toilet pretending to perform the very services they bash. Hypocrites!
Thanks to Adrants we can chalk up a point for the SEOs…

…a debate between ad agency types and search engine marketing folks who are jockeying for position as to who’s best suited to handle a company’s online marketing. We think the SEO guys are a little bit more right than the ad agency guys.

Good to see that people can still see through all the bullshit. They also point to a hilarious parody site, Tribble Ad Agency, that does a great job of mocking the ad agencies. From their about page…

Pottsville, PA (PRWEB) June 21, 2006 – Tribble Ad Agency ( ) has opened it?

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  • Roger Wehbe

    I am still laughing at this whole situation.. these Ad Agency guys are still calling it snakeoil on Adrants .. in fact they just threatened to make an Anti-SEO site.. of course I retorted if they are going to use any vaild ‘snakeoil SEO tactics or if they are going to build their anti-seo site all in Flash’

  • Cameon

    Roger – Ya, I’m getting a huge kick out of this as well. Your comments on Adrants have been great.

  • TourPro

    My experience with the Tribble Ad Agency is not as funny. Their about page is almost an exact description of what happened to us. Now we have SMO’s to referree the slugfest.