Catchup – 7/14/06

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* Google Getting to Launch Health Portal

Google is working on a health portal named the Google Health Scrapbook. From what I understand there will be a “directory” for patients, doctors, vendors and pharmaceutical each. Google “users will be able to log in with their own account information and do things such as add a new medical provider, check their medical records or pay their bills.”
* Google Dating

Google’s April Fools joke has turned into reality, Google now has a dating service.
* Yahoo Trip Planner Goes Public

Yahoo is taking is community-travel site Trip Planner out of beta.
* Google Audio Coming Soon

Google – through its recent dMarc acquisition – will soon roll out a product that dynamically generates and changes a terrestrial radio commercial based on demographics and news/conditions in the local market.
* Yahoo Live Search in FireFox 2.0

Thanks to the extensibility of the just released Firefox 2.0 beta 1, you can now get Live Search suggestions from Yahoo! in the Firefox browser search box.
* Yahoo Expands Reach to U.S. Hispanics with Search Distribution Deal

Yahoo will supply both Web search and sponsored search listings to Hispanic Digital Network (HDN), a group of more then 70 Spanish-language Web sites, under an exclusive multi-year distribution agreement.
* Google Now Has Meta Tag for DMOZ

Webmasters have control over ODP listing in SERPs.
* Feedburner Rumored to Buy Nooked

Feedburner will soon announce that it’s buying Nooked, another player in the RSS marketing space. Nooked will get both cash and stock in the deal.

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