Why Is Content Good for SEO? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Why Is Content Good for SEO? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brafton Infographic: Why Content for SEO? explores how content is key to search engine visibility.  They also have a related post which breaks down each area of the infographic. I like this stat – “76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Content for SEO, Content that people like, prime example is this info-graphic that is great and easy to understand. Best content is going to be diagrams, video’s and other innovative ways to display information that will be picked up in the social channels that isn’t a 3000 word instruction manual that used to rank well, but no-one would ever read.

  • I’m glad you mentioned the relationship between social media and SEO. Good content fuels both campaigns and the three all feed into each other. With 1 in 5 social media messages having a link to content, brands cannot afford to keep the three disciplines operating in different silos.

  • This really is very informative. I have been working online and trying to fine tune my SEO abilities, I have got to say that content is king. If your looking for long term organic traffic, then content is king.

  • Snazzy infographic. I’d give it a better name, title and alt though 😉 I’m still not sure about social signals though – as Eric Ward recently mentioned, a site with over 20x it’s competitors Facebook likes (850K vs 40K) still didn’t rank on page 1 for one of their main keywords whereas their competitor showed up in the top three.

    • Hello Bob,

      Thanks for the compliment on our infographic! As far as the meta information goes, the poster didn’t use our pre-made embed code which has all that data in it… oh well.

      For the social signals, as it says in the graphic, LIkes only count in the SERP if the user is currently logged into Bing. At the moment, most search engines haven’t yet integrated these signals more tightly, but all signs are pointing to them becoming more prominent in the near future.

      Take care,
      Evan Jacobs, Internet Marketing Manager, Brafton

  • I love these sorts of diagrams. I have definitely found that unique and relevant content is critical to seo. I’ve started writing review of new products I have purchased and helping people with wordpress development hurdles that I have figured out in the development of my own site. Good stuff.

  • Fantastic. Love the ‘brand effect’ – brand is much more important than people think. One of the biggest hurdles I face is trying to get my clients to understand how important their brand is…so stats like this help. 🙂 Thanks

  • Awesome, Its funny sometimes how you take certain processes for granted. But when you’re presented with a visual representation of what you already know, it gives you a nice and different perspective.

  • Awesome Infographic!

    This show how important good content is and that worth a lot invest on this.
    Many people still separate SEO from content but now it became more clear than never that the both this working together.

  • Fantastic, i love this kind of info graphics diagrams.Content and Branding is much more important .I face a big problem to get my clients understand how content and branding are important , This kind of info graphics helps a lot

  • Awesome…………………

    I like the contents. But I think the content of SEO should be less and describe full ideas of site