Roger Montti is a search marketer with over 20 years experience. I offer site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance.

I am a Head Judge of the 2021 U.S. Search Awards. I am also a publisher of award winning websites. I was a Head Judge for the 2020 U.S. Search awards and have presented at the following search marketing conferences:

SES, SMX East, SMX West, SMX Advanced Seattle, Affiliate Summit NYC , Affiliate Summit West, PubCon Las Vegas, PubCon Dallas, PubCon New Orleans, PubCon Orlando, PubCon Austin
I write about WordPress, Facebook, Google, SEO and search marketing.

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No Follow Links and Search Ranking

PDF Obsolete for a Mobile First Internet?

Six takeaways about PDF files in a mobile first Internet. Considered obsolete by some Internet marketers, others offer reasons why it’s still useful.

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