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Jetpack Acquires WordPress Social Image Generator

WordPress toolkit company Jetpack announced it has acquired Social Image Generator, a plugin that generates social sharing images

Jetpack Acquires WordPress Social Image Generator

Jetpack, a company owned by parent company Automattic, acquired the popular WordPress plugin Social Image Generator. The plugin automatically generates attractive social media sharing images. It proved so popular that in seven months it was acquired and will be integrated as part of Jetpack.

The Jetpack Twitter announcement said:

“Jetpack is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Social Image Generator, a #WordPress plugin that automatically creates social share images for your content.”

Social Image Generator

Social Image Generator is a premium WordPress plugin that takes the featured image and title of a WordPress post and automatically generates attractive images for social media sharing.

The purpose of the generated social media sharing images was to increase engagement with attractive social media sharing images.

The social media images are generated automatically and they can also be customized.

Social Image Generator described the functionality in this manner:

“Social Image Generator is a WordPress plugin that automatically creates social share images for your content, saving you hours of tedious work.”

Social Image Generator was founded in February 2021.

Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) , founder of and CodePen tweeted it out to his over 242,000 followers in July 2021.

Social Image Generator became so popular that even the founder and one of the creators of WordPress itself, Matt Mullenweig, used it as well.

Social Image Generator No Longer Available

The popular plugin can no longer be subscribed to through the original website.

A notice on the website announces:

“Social Image Generator has been acquired by Automattic!

…Social Image Generator is closed for new sales while we integrate the functionality into Jetpack.”

Although WordPress publishers can no longer subscribe to it, it will become integrated as part of Jetpack’s Social Media Automation suite of tools.

According to the official Jetpack announcement:

“When I initially saw Social Image Generator, the functionality looked like a ideal fit with our existing social media tools,” said James Grierson, General Manager of Jetpack.

“I look forward to the future functionality and user experience improvements that will come out of this acquisition. The goal of our social product is to help content creators expand their audience through increased distribution and engagement.

Social Image Generator will be a key component of helping us deliver this to our customers.”

Social Image Generator Headed to Jetpack

The creator of Social Image Generator will join the Jetpack team to continue developing the product. Will be interesting to see how this is integrated into Jetpack.


Read the Official Announcement from Jetpack:

Jetpack Acquires WordPress Plugin Social Image Generator

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Jetpack Acquires WordPress Social Image Generator

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