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I have 25 years hands-on experience in SEO and have kept on  top of the evolution of search every step of the way. Because of my longtime presence in the search community I have been invited to Google HQ several times where I met the spam team (then headed by Matt Cutts) and I met Sergey Brin at the first Google Zeitgeist.

I’ve served as a Head Judge at the U.S. Search Awards several times and have presented at the following search marketing conferences:

PubCon Las Vegas, PubCon Dallas, PubCon New Orleans, PubCon Orlando, PubCon Austin, SMX East, SMX West, SMX Advanced Seattle, Affiliate Summit NYC , Affiliate Summit West, and SES (Search Engine Strategies).

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Employees at Alphabet formally announce a union to present a united voice for fairness and against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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