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Adobe Announces Free Creative Cloud Express

Adobe released a free suite of tools with the core functions of Photoshop and other tools. Includes templates and a million stock photos

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe announced a free creative suite that contains the core functionality of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Creative Cloud Express is aimed at non-experienced users, comes with 1 Million free stock images, thousands of templates and will soon feature social media tools.

Design Tools With No Learning Curve

Adobe designed the free editing suite so that anyone can use it, even people with no experience.

“Creative Cloud Express draws on our decades of experience working with the creative community. It makes the core technology in our industry-leading products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro available with just a few clicks — and with no learning curve.”

The free versions of Adobe’s tools are available as a suite called Creative Cloud Express. The suite is available on the web, in Microsoft stores and on apps for iOS and Android.

Screenshot of Adobe Creative Cloud Templates

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Templates

There are even more free benefits.

According to Adobe:

“Free users get access to up to 1 million images and other assets, thousands of templates, and dozens of fonts.”

Creative Cloud Libraries helps users collaborate with teams and their pending purchase of ContentCal will bring new social media management tools to users for free.

According to Adobe’s announcement:

“Creative Cloud Express is perfect for people with no creative training. But it’s also a great addition to the toolkit of creative professionals.

If you just want to make a social media post, produce a simple flyer, resize an image, or craft a quick thumbnail image for your Premiere Pro video, Creative Cloud Express is the fast and easy way to go.”

A thoughtful aspect of Creative Cloud Express is it’s connection with the premium Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud Express can be connected with the professional version, Creative Cloud, which can allow professionals to share assets with clients who use Creative Cloud Express.

Example of an Adobe Creative Cloud Express Template

Example of Adobe Creative Cloud Express Template

Adobe’s announcement explains:

“…Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express are connected through Libraries, Shared Templates and Shared Brands, which makes it easy for creative pros to share work with people with less formal training.”

There’s a premium version that provides access to millions more stock photos, Photoshop Express and Premiere Rush but for the average non-designer and casual user the free Creative Cloud Express should be more than adequate.

Examples of What’s Possible With Creative Cloud Express

Example of Creative Cloud Express Projects

Generous Features

The Creative Cloud Express suite comes with a generous suite of features that allows users with no experience to apply Photoshop effects, filters, textures, easily remove backgrounds, resize elements, and add overlays with professional results.

The video component has a simple interface that allows users to trim, crop, merge, reverse, and change speed of videos.

The suite even helps users convert images and videos from one format to another one. A user can convert from JPG to PNG and vice-versa.

Users can also convert videos from MP4 to GIF, GIF to MP4 and between MOV to MP4.

The feature set on the Creative Cloud Express suite of tools is extensive.

The fact that it’s easy to use makes it approachable by everyone, regardless of prior experience with editing tools.

While there is an upgrade path to premium versions, for the casual user there really might not be any need to upgrade.


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Adobe Announces Free Creative Cloud Express

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