April 2013: Best Of Search Engine Journal

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April 2013: Best Of Search Engine Journal

Based on pageviews, here are the top 10 posts for the month. Congratulations to the authors!

# 1.  Local SEO in 5 Easy Steps

By:  Zain Shah

Local SEO

# 2.  6 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

By:  Kristel Cuenta


# 3.  5 Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

By:  Marcela De Vivo | @marceladevivo

April 2013: Best Of Search Engine Journal


# 4. Top 10 April Fools Day Jokes for 2013

By:  John Rampton | @johnrampton


# 5.   5 Must-Have Mobile Marketing Tools for Businesses

By:  Jim Belosic | @shortstacklab


# 6.  17 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Websites

By Author:  Inessa Bokhan | @InessBokhan

17 things

# 7.  5 SEO Tools You Might Not Have… Yet

By: Kristi Hines

Visual link explorer

#8. Online Merchants Beware: The Google Zebra Update Is Coming

By: Bernadette Coleman


# 9.  20 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic, Engagement and Sales

By: Steven Macdonald | @StevenMacd0nald

Boost Traffic

# 10.  The Relationship Between SEO and Inbound Marketing

By: Ruth Burr | @ruthburr

to do list


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