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Top 10 April Fools Day Jokes for 2013


Google’s latest Porcupine update suggests you should be skeptical about what you read online today!  So today for many of you that haven’t figured it out is April 1, 2013 or in other words April fools day.  These are the Top 10 April Fool Jokes for 2013 in the Search and Marketing space.  This ads to the long list of pranks in the past!  I bring a few others into the fold that I think you’ll like.  Enjoy!

#10 Google Nose

Now you can search for smells with Google’s new Google Nose beta product. Now roses are just a click away.  You can now find out what a new car smells like?  What does the inside of an Egyptian Tomb smell like?  Google knows all these answers and is shedding some light on this.

#9  Guardian Goggles with New Augmented Reality

Readers at the Guardian have wanted more information, and now they are bringing augmented reality glasses to it’s readership.  Now you can have instant access to instant reviews, stats and information as you’re walking down the street.  With just one look you can get up to date reviews of the cinema as well as start ratings on potential movies you’re going to watch.  Now you can get expert and peer reviews on a a restaurant in your local area.

Augmented Reality glasses with new Guardian sync can be picked up in many different styles that fit with your personal lifestyle.  View the video below!

#8 Gmail Blue

gmail blue

Google has been developing gmail blue over the past 6 years.  Trying to bring email into the the 2013 by changing everything to blue.  They tried changing everything to brown, it was a disaster.  Gmail blue has opened doors that the end user never even knew possible.

#7 Google + Emotions

Now you can add emotions to your Google+ photos.  Google stated in a Google+ post earlier today “Starting today, we will give you the option to add stylized emotions to your photos. To give it a try, simply open one of your pictures in the lightbox, and click the “Add emotion” button at the top left of the screen.

As you can see in the photo below, it’s pretty easy for everyone to have emotions.

Google+ emotions


#6 Bing is the New Google

Now you can go to Bing and enter “google ” and you will see that Bing is now converting over to the “New Google”

Bing is Now Google


#5 Extending The Functionality Of Dynamic Search Ads

It appears that Google has inadvertently opened up beta testing to a new form of dynamic searched ads.  Props go out to the team over at PPC Associates for pointing out this tip, it’s a lifesaver to get more people coming to your site.

We all know that Google spiders every site on the web, pretty much every second.  Google released the ability to dynamically generate headlines on the fly, here is how it looks in your MCC.

dynamically gernerated search ads


As you will notice, all you need to put in there is {Description Line 1} for DL1 and same with  DL2 for {Description Line 2}.  It’s interesting to note that you can also Insert {Keyword: Description Line 1} and pass this information along to the Landing Page of choice. It will dynamically not only choose the landing page, but it will Insert the keywords searched for onto the page making the experience 10x better.

Thanks Todd for the wonderful tip!


 #4 Renovate Your House on Google Maps

After 5+ years that we’ve had street view maps with Google Maps, now you can finally edit your home to updated what you’ve done.  I personally have been mad that my house’s color has not been updated and I changed it last month.  Why has Google not updated their street views to make my outside house color updated.  Think this is lawsuit worthy?

Now I can change it to be what I want it to be with new and improved Google Maps Renovation.


Google maps renovation Before



Google maps renovation after


#3 YouTube Shutting Down

YouTube started in 2005 and is now doing 70 hours of footage every minute.  It looks like starting today at 11:59 PM PST will be shutting down and no longer accepting videos.  They will have a team of 39,000 judges to judge which video is the best.

YouTube states “Even if you only have 40 views from a Man feeding a Duck, you still have a chance against to win against Gangnam Style.”  All the big names on YouTube have come together (Antoine Dodson, Charlie bit my finger, and many more) for this video. Winners will get:

  1. MP3 player that clips to your sleeve.
  2. $500 stipend for your next endeavor

#2  Bing Empowers SEO’s to Rank Better in SERPs

Bing is pulling out all the guns this year and is now empowering SEO tagging. In a post earlier today Bing Stated “the SEO tags can be implemented today allowing you to tell us where you should rank. The code below explains it clearly if you’re an SEO. Place the tag inside your page code, fill in the blanks for us indicating which result your page should appear at, and when a query is performed, we’ll scan the page and place you accordingly.”

This is HUGE news for SEO’s looking to rank better in the SERPs, charge their customers more, and look badass while doing it.  Looks like I can take the rest of the year off and keep charging my clients.  HEr is how to do it:

<link rel=”SEO” query=”weather” set_to_position=”2″ />

<link rel=”SEO” must_be_before=”**” />

Love the second one as you can actual rank position, the “set_to_position” so you can tell Bing where to place you. You can choose.  This should help SEO’s look better.  I can put my client at position #5 and every other month bump that up to #1 position.  But I won’t do it fast as I want to keep my client happy with more results.  Then increase their SEO budget to keep them rising to the top.


#1 Google Analytics Insights

At SEJ we’ve been getting some awesome traffic from Space.  Specifically, it’s been coming from “International Space Station Control Room” located on the map somewhere off the South American coast.  It’s some pretty legit traffic.  Check it out in the photo of my Google Analytics below.  You can see if you have some visitors from there as well!

International Space Station Control Room Analytics



What do you think?  Any other little April Fools Day gems that you’ve found today?

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Top 10 April Fools Day Jokes for 2013

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