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Google’s Other April Fools’ Pranks

Google’s Other April Fools’ Pranks

In a few of our previous entries, we touched on some of the more elaborate of Google’s April Fools’ jokes in detail. However, there were so many pranks (one, and sometimes more, for all the major Google products) that we weren’t able to cover them all. To make sure you didn’t miss anything too fantastic, here are the other April Fools’ Day hoaxes released by Google.

  • Google Labs released a new version of the “Body Browser” that lets you look at the insides of a cow in 3D.
  • Google Enterprise announced that Contoso, a fictional company invented by Microsoft as an example group for how Microsoft products could be used, decided to switch to Google.
  • Google Maps added “real world sitings” of anomalous terrain, creatures, and more. You can see giants grabs, theLoch Ness Monster, and even aliens using this new feature.
  • Very similar to Gmail Motion, Google Docs is adding a spatial recognition control option.
  • Google Mobile added a new cat finding feature to help you find adorable kittens while on the go.
  • Blogger was purchased by Google – despite having owned them for four years now.
  • Google opened the search for employees in their autocompletion division.
  • AdWords announced an upcoming “blimp ad” option.
  • Google I/O added new spoof sessions.
  • The Display Network added an “old school” advertising approach that takes us back to the geocities era.
  • Voice Search became available in Pig Latin.
  • The default font of all Google pages was switched to Comic Sans.
  • The new service “Google Teleport” was added – but only for China, a region Google hasn’t served in several years.
  • The mortgage comparison tool added a “moon loan” category for those who want to take some time off-planet.
  • Orkut added an ear-tagging system to notify users when their profile was visited.
  • The Google Webmaster Team got a new look.

If you found any other Google hoaxes, or other search engine spoofs, just let us know in the comments!

[via the Google Blog]

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Google’s Other April Fools’ Pranks

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