3 Less Known but Effective Ways to Share Your Facebook Page

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The first and most obvious way to promote your Facebook page has long been using “Suggest to Friends” feature. While it may be really effective, you can use it once (maybe once per 6 months – but no more) because more frequent bulk sharing may annoy your friends: they must be getting dozens of page suggestions daily:

facebook page suggestions

This post shares three more effective ways to promote your Facebook page from within Facebook:

1. Use the “Share” Button

There’s that little hard-to-notice button at the bottom of your page sidebar. When you use it, it creates a new update in your feed for your fans to see it.

Try to create a compelling message to go with the update:

Promote Facebook page

2. Tag Your Fan Page in Your Updates

Did you know you can tag the pages you like (the process and the result look much like tagging personal profiles)? The @ tag creates a link to your fan page in your feed (which again promotes your fan page to your followers).

This means you can tag your page in your personal feed as well as tag it when posting on other page walls (in both cases, don’t overdo: tag your page only when it is really relevant).

Just start typing @ sign and the first letters of your page name – and you will be able to choose your page to tag:

Tag your fan page

This creates the following update in your stream (or other page wall) – note that “Daily SEO Tip” links to your fan page:

Tagged update

3. Add Your Page to Other Page Favorites

If you administer other pages (or have friends who administer Facebook pages), you can add (or ask your friends to add) your page to that other page “Favorites”.

Note that you can only add to pages you administer, NOT the pages you created. So if you want to use the page you created, ask one of your page administrators to do that (weird, I know. I hope this is a bug and will be fixed soon):

Add page to favorites

This adds your page to the other page “Favorites” box:

Add page to favorites

How do you promote your Facebook Fan page (other than suggesting it to friends and using Facebook widgets)?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • I love the idea of using tags in the company posts. I usually write my blog posts with a certain customer in mind. Tagging them creates a personalized marketing message.

    Great post!

  • Thanks for the post. I've been looking at the best way to make the best of facebook and I think this might just be the solution!

  • Nice one Ann. Thanks!

  • Good tips! I am on the 6 month wheel when it comes to suggesting fan pages to my FB network. It's good to know there are other little things you can do to get more exposure.

    The second tip — tagging your fan page in updates — is especially helpful. This is equitable to dropping your website URL into an email signature. Why not?

    Thanks for these!

  • DebbyBruck

    Extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing these tips to improve SEO on FaceBook.

  • Great tips, but was wondering if you might know the answer to this..
    For some reason I can't get users who have liked my page to have the permission to tag themselves in photos that I upload? Very frustrating because I'd like to allow them to tag themselves & each other in the photos that I've taken..

  • Web Development Firm

    Thanks for this post.. I was not knowing that we can tag our pages also..

  • Patrick

    And of course writing an article for SEJ is quite helpful to promote your facebook page 😉
    I liked your post though, you've got some handy tips there, thank you!

    • annsmarty

      There are no “my” pages promoted in the post 🙂

  • Tagging is definitely a great idea!

  • Very interesting, cheers will give this a go.

  • Really a very heplful post ! Will try all these tips in my personal facebook page .

  • Really a very heplful post ! Will try all these tips in my personal facebook page .

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  • Keith

    Excellent! I didn’t know about the tagging, very useful.