120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs [Infographic]

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Millions of brands are now incorporating their traditional plans in their online marketing campaigns. The need to further reach out to their potential customers is the motivation of modern marketers to look for effective ways on how they can connect and engage with their targeted audience.

Blogging is one of these cost-efficient, proven and tested ways for a successful online marketing campaign. It offers several benefits such as user interaction (comments, shares), customer acquisition and higher rankings on SERPs given that search engines favor fresh over old content.

However, one of the biggest challenges of aspiring bloggers today is how they can promote a blog that is new or doesn’t get any traction since they launch their websites.

Today, I want to share with you an infographic that covers the basic and advance tips on how to promote your blog.

120 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon

Link Building Consultant at Digital Philippines
Venchito Tampon provides custom link building services to different businesses from different countries. He recently created an updated list of the best link building resources... Read Full Bio
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  • Tamal Krishna

    Thank you for your great post Venchito. I was actually looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog. Although most the ways mentioned here are something i already know, it’s great to see everything in the same place. Most of the time, we become confused which way to choose first and we make mistakes. But this infographic will surely help. Thanks for such a nice post.

  • Hemanth Malli

    Whoa !! Amazing informative marketing infograph. I think Infographics are the best way to gain quick attention of the readers and it conveys meaningful information in the form of images. Thanks for sharing !!

  • Kajal S

    Awesome Info graphics. All In One Package 🙂

    Thnaks For Sharing

  • G.B. Oliver

    There is an amazing amount of info here, thanks! One of the points I would comment on is Guest Blogging. I have a lot of other small business marketing blogs asking to guest post on mine, and I always turn them down. The reason is my blog is my biggest marketing tool for my services, so I want the blog to be my voice and only my voice. I have been to marketing blogs where it is totally guest bloggers posting, and it makes me think that the consultant who is using the blog to sell their marketing seminars and such, doesn’t really know marketing if they can’t write about it every day. Now, I have guest blogged on other people’s blogs, and I don’t mind people curating my content or linking to it (I love that!) and I will link to great marketing articles as well (but they open in a separate window), but I personally want the written content on my blog to be my own.

  • Metz

    Infographic is one of those tactics that catches the readers’ interest. It is a good tool to use and I also suggest this most especially to those who are not familiar with this.

    Take note of this.
    They can be created by hand using simple everyday tools such as graph paper, pencils, markers, and rulers. However, today they are more often created using computer software, which is often both faster and easier. They can be created with general illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator or the freeware Inkscape. There are also a number of specialized websites and tools that can be used to construct infographics

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  • Jamie Anderson

    Great list Venchito, covers just about everything a blogger could need for marketing a new blog.

  • James

    Awesome graphic info, thank you very much for sharing. Cheers

  • bobit

    its really all in one info graphic, saved and fwd to friends

  • Robert Fowler

    Wow, I think I just saw the last 15 years of my life as I scrolled down this list! So much info. Kind of overwhelming to see all in one place but a handy reference, that’s for sure.

  • Angela Mathers

    Wow, great post! Definitely bookmarking this so I can slowly make my way through them all.