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WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers?

WordCamp Europe 2014 takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 27-29 September. It's a great business opportunity for anyone involved in the marketing business.

WordCamp is a WordPress conference known for its friendly, community-driven environment. Content has become a #1 marketing tool, and as one of the most-used content management systems, WordPress has a lot to offer for everyone, including marketers. In my opinion, one of the best job opportunities for marketing folks can be a conference that has nothing to do with marketing. Imagine all the people at the conference who don’t sharing your perspective and knowledge. Individuals like WordPress developers, designers, and contributors who need exposure, plus agencies and companies wanting their products to get some traction. Everyone needs a marketer. You could make some of their work easier through:

  • Content marketing (creation & distribution)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Reputation management
  • Creating SEO friendly websites
  • Creating online events
  • Raising product/service awareness

Attending marketing conferences keeps you close to the latest and greatest in your field of work, but attending other types of conferences like WordCamp Europe 2014 provides marketers with unique opportunities. Businesses and creative individuals need you to represent them and extend their reach. They need you to do branding for their startups, create unique business proposals, increase conversion rates, all of which is best done through content marketing – and what better place to meet these people than the conference on one of the most used content marketing platforms out there?

WordCamp 2014, National Palace of Culture in SofiaWordCamp 2014, National Palace of Culture in Sofia

The conference will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from September 27 to 29, 2014 at the National Palace of Culture, which is a center that stretches into three underground levels and eight floors. Over 900 people are expected to attend the conference and you can be one of attendees. WordPress is known for its open community, which I’ve been fortunate to become a part over the past few of years. But, I have not met a lot of those great people in person. Many of you, myself included, tend to go to conferences not really knowing what to expect, but benefits are many:

  • Networking
  • Finding work
  • Learning
  • Generating Ideas
  • Forming Partnerships
  • Experiencing Different Cultures

How to Get Involved and Meet Attendees

If you’re not a part of the WordPress community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the people involved. The best and easiest way is to meet people is to mingle before the actual conference:

By following @WCEurope and the hashtag #wceu, you’ll receive the latest news regarding the event and also have the chance to chat with other WordCamp attendees, before actually meeting them. The attendees list is growing and I encourage you to take time, browse their profiles and get in touch with them. Maybe some of them share your interests and you’ll easily find common subject to talk about. I’ve contacted a few and all of them were pleasantly surprised by my gesture, so we made arrangements to meet in person on the day of the conference. Companies and creative individuals are rapidly switching to WordPress for easy content creation because they know content marketing that significantly lowers cost per acquisition. And it can be your responsibility to create strategy for this marketing channel. Are you going to WordCamp EU this year, or have you been in the past? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Image Credits

Featured Image: WordCamp Official Website
Image #1: National Palace of Culture (Bulgaria) via Wikimedia Commons

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WordCamp EU 2014: A Conference for Marketers?

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