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Top 10 Google Ads Announcements From Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live concluded last week after two days full of announcements related to new Google Ads features.

If you missed any of the coverage from the event, refer to the list below to catch up on all the highlights.

Here is a recap of the top features announced during Google Marketing Live.

1. Upgrades to the Google Ads mobile app
A more capable Google Ads app will allow users to create and edit responsive search ads, as well as receive new recommendations and notifications. See our full coverage here.

2. New features for local campaigns
Users can promote their local business with new inventory in Google Maps. In addition, Local campaigns are now available to small businesses.

3. Discovery ads
New Discovery ads will be shown on Google’s mobile home page. They will also be shown on YouTube’s home page and in the Gmail promotions tab. See our full coverage here.

4. Gallery ads
An image-based ad unit that will display a gallery at the top of search results for users to swipe through.

5. Audience expansion
A new audience expansion tool will expand advertisers’ reach to drive more conversions at the same average cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

6. New Google Shopping experience
Shop across more of Google’s services and add items to one unified shopping cart. See our full coverage here.

7. Updates to Shopping Ads
Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns will let retailers optimize for store visits and display their local inventory information. See our full coverage here.

8. App deep linking
Ads can now link users to pages within a business’s app.

9. Bumper Machine
A new tool will automatically create 6-second bumper ads for YouTube. See our full coverage here.

10. New bidding controls
New automated bidding controls offer more customization for more precise bids. See our full coverage here.

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Top 10 Google Ads Announcements From Google Marketing Live 2019

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