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Google Ads App Can Now Create More Types of Ads On-the-Go

Google unveiled some updates to the Google Ads app which will let users create more ads and manage more campaigns.

Here’s an overview of what was announced.

Create Responsive Search Ads

An update rolling out this week will let users create and edit Responsive Search Ads directly from the Google Ads app.

“So if you’re on your morning train and need to launch a last-minute holiday promotion, you can write the creative, fine-tune the headline and set bids and budgets–right from your mobile phone!”

New Recommendations and Notifications

New recommendations in the Google Ads app will let users performing the following actions:

  • Add new or negative keywords
  • Pause poorly performing keywords
  • Opt into all Smart Bidding strategies

The app will also send notifications when there are new opportunities to improve performance across all accounts.

Updates to Local Campaigns

Advertisers and small businesses will soon be able to utilize Google Ads’ local campaigns whether or not they have store visits management enabled.

Google is also enhancing ads in Local campaigns to help businesses highlight product-specific information and offers.

Ads in Google Maps

Lastly, new inventory in Google Maps will let businesses serve ads in more places.

Businesses can promote their locations when users are planning or navigating along their route.

Ads can also show up in Maps search suggestions. Placement of these ads is based on signals like which area of the map a person is viewing, or what they’ve searched for in the past.

Further information about these features and more will be revealed during the Google Marketing Live live stream next week.

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Google Ads App Can Now Create More Types of Ads On-the-Go

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