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Using Google Ad Extensions

Using Google Ad Extensions

With the recent updates Google has made to their Ad extensions in Ad Words, it makes sense to take a step back and look at each type to determine how and when to use them. Ad extensions expand the standard PPC text ads in the results to display relevant additional information that would normally be gathered on the page post click. These ad types can be effective if used properly. Let’s take a look:

Location Extensions:

Location extensions combine location specific information such as address, city and state with the Ad words text ad.  The location extension is displayed when a searcher uses a location specific search term within the target location. If you have multiple locations of the same business, the display will expand to show the phone number and address of each additional location.

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When adding a location extension, you can also add a logo or icon that will display on If you choose not to upload a brand logo or image, Google will select a default, so it’s recommended this step be taken as CTR’s will be higher. One of the main benefits for advertisers is that you don’t get charged for clicks that expand the plus box. Only clicks to the site are charged.

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You can either manually add your location(s) in the Adwords interface or link this to your Google Places account. It’s recommended you link these two accounts together if using multiple locations.

Product Extensions:

Product extensions use a similar format, but allow advertisers to display relevant product images alongside Adwords text ads. These are perfect for ecommerce advertisers as they provide searchers with an image of the specific product they searched for.

There is a little bit of implementation to make this work though. Product extensions require a Google Merchant Center account (formally Google Base) to make the connection.

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Sitelink Extensions:

Site link extensions allow advertisers the ability to suggest additional links that might be relevant to the searcher. The idea is to make your ads more attractive to a broad audience by adding multiple entry points to the web site.

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Phone Extensions:

Phone extensions make it easier for customers to call a business directly from the ad they saw on a mobile phone. These extensions display a number that a searcher can click and immediately call.

Description: to set these up:

Ad extensions are easy to set up as you simply select the Ad extensions tab and choose which type you would like to use. From there, follow the steps for the necessary account linking.

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