The SEO Tool That May Make You Switch to Google Chrome

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The huge variety of addons is the main reason why I am a stubborn FireFox adopter. It is fun to watch how Google Chrome is quickly catching up in that respect.

This week I am looking at a cool SEO extension for Google Chrome you will want to check out.

The utility has a pretty unique name – SEO Site Tools and here’s the full round-up of its features (mind it that all stats mentioned below can be expanded by clicking the link to the full report at each provider’s site).

1. See “External page date”

This section contains aggregated data from various web tools and search engines, like:

  • Google PageRank,
  • Number of results for SITE: command in Google and Bing;
  • Cache date in Google and Bing;
  • Backlinks per Yahoo SiteExplorer;
  • Backlinks per SEOmoz’s Linkscape and Majestic SEO;
  • Alexa traffic details;
  • Quancast and rank;
  • Domain presence in Dmoz:

SEO tool for Google Chrome

2. View “Page Elements”

Lots of useful information here:

  • Meta tags information;
  • Code verification status;
  • Anchor text found on the page;

SEO tool for Google Chrome

  • Page headings;
  • Page headers.

3. Get an Overview of the Domain Presence in Social Media:

  • Facebook reactions;
  • Reddit actions;
  • Stumbleupon views;
  • Total Tweets;
  • Digg votes;
  • Diggs to domain;
  • Delicious bookmarks;
  • Google buzz mentions:

SEO tool for Google Chrome

4. Access Server and Domain Information

What you see here is quite clear: a handy overview of the domain account holder’s records as well as server stats:

SEO tool for Google Chrome

5. Look through Suggested Changes

The last section lists some suggestions you may consider for better rankings and improved SEO:

  • Link quantity;
  • Meta tags recommendations;
  • URL length; etc:

SEO tool for Google Chrome - suggestion;

The tool also allows to highlight on-page Nofollow attribute used for links.

6. Enhance SERPs

The tool also allows to enhance search results in various ways:

  • Enhance Google, Bing and Yahoo! SERPs with PageRank (set the default PageRank for that: Google PR, MozRank or MozAuthority);
  • Number search results:

SEO tool for Google Chrome - enhanced SERps

7. Add Social Stats to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools:

The tool allows to add some nice “Social Reactions” stats to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools reports:

SEO tool for Google Chrome - social reactions

8. Customize Options:

The above behavior can be customized via the tool options (#6-7). You can also set up the default section of the page analysis (#1-5):

SEO tool for Google Chrome options

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Tatiana Likhacheva

    As usual a great find, I am using chrome now with the Chrome SEO add on, which has some of the functionality, but will definitely add this one now.

  • Melissa – SEO Aware

    I have switched to Chrome recently due to these tools and some others. I loved my Firefox addons, but the browser has become so unreliable that I am losing time constantly. Chrome's tools giving me almost everything I need and the browser functions well. A win-win for me.

  • joelookyoung

    I am using IE. sometimes using Chrome, It's comfort to use. I like it and thanks for the great information above.

  • richardbaxter

    Yep – I'm sold! Nice find Ann ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sopia

    Are you sure the GOOgle chrome is so useful ?

  • zhaiduo

    This kind of stats list tool can't help me, still think FF is the best choice for SEO.

    • Carter Cole

      like what? id love to add any features you think it may be missing

  • Clive Hawkins

    Great tip! Chrome is becoming better and better, and with Firefox becoming overloaded with add-ons and extensions, this is a great alternative.

  • Putu Budiastawa

    Thanks for this information, Ann. Actually, I'm a Firefox lover. But, by reading this article, I will introduce myself to Crome.

  • Dhvanil

    I also used FF before but when i found that many readily available extensions like Meta SEO Inspector, Chrome SEO, Google Similar Pages, Page Rank, etc. are very useful and are load faster with Chrome then FF.

  • Sridevi

    wow..A useful SEO tool for chrome.I m very much appreciate for this tool.Tnks for giving such a good information

  • saketsinha

    Can I please know how do you install the 6th tool? The Enhance SERPs tool. I tried seaching in the google chrome extensions gallery but could not get it.

    Thanks in advance

    • Carter Cole

      you turn it on in the options menu

  • chinmoy

    Chrome just keeps getting better and better. Though, some firefox add-ons are not yet supported on Chrome.

  • Jess

    really interesting find there. Thanks. This add-on seems to have a lot more info in it than my current one. I generally use Firefox but it's been proving unreliable and slow of late. I'd worried about switching to Chrome for work purposes (I use it on my home computer) but I think with the advent of this add on, it has everything I need. Cheers

  • nvmedia

    Great post on Google Chrome functionality. I will definitely be switching over from firefox. Thanks for a great post

  • Website Designers

    Great tip! Chrome is becoming better and its also light and open site quickly, and with Firefox becoming overloaded with add-ons and extensions, this is a great alternative.

  • attacat_han

    I switched to Chrome ages ago after getting too fed up with Firefox crashing all the time, although when I'm analysing websites I do find myself opening Firefox as well for the Google Toolbar. I'm really glad that this is available on Chrome – it will be good to keep everything in one browser! @attacat_han

  • authorityseo

    I have always used seo quake in Firefox to get a lot of this information the additional social media information is worth downloading it and taking a test drive

  • James Hunt

    keep up guys…this tool has been out for months! One of the guys over at SEOmoz designed it and he is updating it all the time.

  • Hookah Happiness

    Cool. I think I might switch to Chrome just for this app. Thanks!

  • Julie Cheung

    Love this. Been getting really fed up with Firefox dying on me or just being ridiculously slow, I've started using Chrome more and more, but always going back to Firefox as there's just more tools on it. Hopefully, Chrome will just keep getting better (being so light and fast), with more plugins made available in time for me to finally jump ship ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thedogger

    Like this one, switching to Chrome is not a bad idea. But I think that using both Firefox and Chrome, then you get the best from both worlds.

  • Website Design Sydney

    Thanks for sharing in good information to Google chrome.

  • Custom Website Design

    I was using Google chrome for a while just because firefox is utilizing too much computer memory but I was using firefox just for seo purpose. I am glad that this extension is available. Will going to try it right a way.

  • Freelance SEO

    This looks really interesting. Doubt it's going to make me swap from Firefox, especially for SEO work, but if it beefs up the usefulness of Chrome then great.

  • Freelance SEO

    This looks really interesting. Doubt it's going to make me swap from Firefox, especially for SEO work, but if it beefs up the usefulness of Chrome then great.

  • jermey Knight

    Yes..It seems by your pictorial representation that handling quantitative data is so much easy now a days through the browser and maintaining it on single click at front also allow a easy representation

  • SJL Web Design

    Hi Ann, thanks for sharing these. Enhance SERP looks like a good alternative to SEOQuake