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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Chrome SEO Extensions

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Benjamin Beck
Benjamin Beck
The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Chrome SEO Extensions

SEO’s are always on the look out for tools to make their job easier. This is where Google Chrome’s browser extensions can be such a great help. When you go to the Chrome store for SEO extensions you can easily become overwhelmed with the huge list of possible extensions? So which ones are the best? I’m glad you asked, I went through and tested most of them to see which SEO Extensions were Good, Bad, or useful but Ugly.

The Good SEO Chrome Extensions


SEOmoz Chrome SEO Extension Logo

SEO MOZ Bar – Analyze the primary SEO elements of any webpage


  • Quickly see important page elements (TItle, Meta Description, H1, H2)
  • Page Attributes (Robots, Rel=Canonical, Number of Internal, External links)
  • Highlight links on the page, different colors for (Internal, External, Follow, and No Follow)
  • If you have a SEO Moz Pro Account you can use their tools easily (SEOmoz Free Trial)
  • Clean and simple lay out and design makes this my favorite

Scraper - SEO Chrome Extension LogoSCRAPER– Simple data mining extension


  • Quickly find prospective guest posts, twitter followers, wordpress blog comments
  • Great “Scraper How To Tutorial” by Justin Briggs
  • Huge time saver

Inbox Q - SEO Chrome Extension Logo

Inbox Q – Find people looking for SEO services on Twitter


Buffer - Social SEO Chrome Extension Logo

 Buffer App – Scheduling any content to your Twitter and Facebook


  • Quickly schedule any content you come across to post at the optimal time on the two biggest social networks
  • Social signals are becoming more important in SEO
  • Allows you to do social media without taking to much time

Check My Links - Chrome SEO Extension

 Check My Links– On site link checker


  • Quickly checks any page for broken links or errors
  • Identifies where the link is and what error it is giving
  • Great opportunity to inform the webmaster and ask for them to possibly link to you instead

The Bad SEO Chrome Extensions


SEO Doctor - Chrome SEO Extension Logo

SEO Doctor : Bookmark of SEO sites


  • Good intentions, but you could make your own bookmark list
  • Layout is poorly done

Alexa and Page Rank - SEO Chrome Extension Logo

SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar


  • Google Pagerank and Alexa rankings are becoming less relevant to SEO’s
  • Not used often and can be easily found

The Ugly SEO Chrome Extensions


SEO Quake - SEO Chrome Extension Logo

  SEO Quake – SEO Toolbar


  • Has some good links and information in the toolbar,
  • Same information found in most other tools
  • Distracting toolbar, not well formatted

SEO Analysis Tool- Chrome SEO Extension Logo

  SEO Analysis Tool – Site analysis tool


  • Good information and videos to explain each section
  • I don’t like having to fill out the captcha each time
  • The page is one long scroll down page

Woo Rank - Chrome SEO Extension Logo

SEO & Website Analysis – Site Grader


  • Good summary of important SEO information
  • Annoying “download pdf” pop up
  • Information is same as most other plug ins


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