The 2010 Goals Challenge – Can You Do This?

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How long have you thought about starting an online business?

What have been the main fears you’ve overcome to “take the plunge”?

Or are you still debating whether or not online marketing is really for you?

I’ve consulted with thousands of people on how to start an online business; I’ve learned a lot about the keys to success.

One of the most important factors that all successful business owners have is not knowledge. It’s not money or advanced education. It’s not necessarily computer experience or programming and design strategy.

The simple key to success with eCommerce, or anything, is self motivation – WHY you do what you do!

As an online entrepreneur, you are now your own boss. You’re completely in charge of what you do or don’t do everyday with your business. Some of you may be still working the JOB (just over broke) while getting this business started. That’s ok. I don’t necessarily recommend you drop everything today to dive head first into a pool that may not be full yet.

Tony Robbins once said:

Do what you fear, and the death of fear is certain.

Are you ready to break your fears about online marketing and being an entrepreneur?

The Power of Goals

If you’re bored with life — you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don’t have enough goals. – Lou Holtz

Why is this important?

Goals are a self motivation indicator. If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll probably never going to get there. If you don’t have the self motivation to stick with the task, how can you really expect success?

I’m always doing research on goal setting and found a great article by Heather Allard. She gave 4 main points about goal setting.

4 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Drill them down.
  2. Hire help.
  3. Keep goals in front of you.
  4. Make them public.

The one I want to focus on today is “Drill them down.”

As you think about your goals, what you want to accomplish with your online business, or with anything, ask yourself the question:

How much control do I have of that outcome?

If you can honestly say you have COMPLETE control, this is the type of goal you go after. Here’s a ficticious example:

Goal: Make $150,000 this year with my online business.

Let’s break it down:

  • To make $150,000 this year, assuming we are starting today, Tuesday, January 5th, 2009, means we have just under 12 months to make it happen. 360 days to be exact.
  • $150K / 12 months = $12,500 per month.
  • $12,500 / 4 weeks = $3,125 per week.
  • $3,125 / 7 days = $446.42 per day.
  • OR $150,000 / 360 days = $416.66
  • OR $150,000 / 8640 hours = $17.36 per hour

As you can see, there are quite a few different ways to “Drill Down”. As Heather states: “…take your goal and drill it down into the specific action steps it will take for you to achieve them.”

By doing this break down I can actually see what it’s going to take on a day to day basis if I want to achieve this financial goal.

Now I have to ask myself that important question:

How much control do I have of that outcome – to make $416.66 per day?

Some might say this is debatable but think about it, can I actually MAKE a visitor buy the products I am offering on a specific day? From my experience, the answer to that is NO.

However, there are things I can do every day that will improve the likelihood of this happening.

Things I Have Control Of

What are they?

  • Phone calls per day
  • Emails sent
  • Weekly or daily promotions
  • Testing different wording strategies
  • Client feedback and referral systems
  • Offline marketing tests
  • Joint venture contacts
  • Guest blog posts

The list can go on and on. But look at this list.

“How much control do I have of [these] outcomes?”

All the control!

I can set a goal to make X amount of phone calls today, send Y amount of emails to my database. Then, after doing these things, I can monitor my progress. Maybe today I called 20 people and 5 of them purchased for an average of $50. That means 25% of my contacts purchased something and I made about $250 today. If I contact 50 people tomorrow I have a chance to sell to 12.5 people for about $625 in sales. The numbers won’t always be perfect every day, but keep track of your progress (what was working, what didn’t seem to work), and then duplicate your successes more and more and more!

Turning Goals in to Reality

Now pretend you have already achieved these goals:

Get a pen and paper and take 5 minutes to describe how you feel now that you have already finished the task you have been postponing. Act as if you’re already successful. I call this the Moller Mission Statement. Here’s one of mine:

Today is the best day of my life. I am achieving my goals as an online entrepreneur at [put in your company name] with a 6 week average of over [specific amount of money] in revenue. I am making [specific amount of money] per week which is helping me achieve and exceed my six month goal of [specific amount of money] by June 30, [year] and [specific amount of money] by Dec. 31, [year].

My keys to success have been confidence, focus, overcoming all fears, hard work, persistence, patience, and expecting to succeed, along with listening to and reading from the best, taking effective notes which I apply immediately, setting specific performance goals that I review daily, and focusing on getting [pun in number of sales you need to achieve your goal] new sales per day, clients that need the products and services I’m offering.

I never worry about things I can’t change. I focus only on what I do have control over: attitude, knowledge, skills and work ethic. I’m happy to be running my business successfully and will continue to develop multiple streams of income. These multiple streams of income will help me achieve my life goal: [specific long term goal].

You will be surprised at how well this simple process works.

  • Write out your goals in the form of actions, things you are already doing.
  • Read your personalized mission statement frequently.
  • Engrain it in your head and believe it. It’s amazing how the mind works and things just start happening.

We become what we think about. – Earl Nightengale

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

By reading your mission statement frequently, you’ll feel a boost of self-motivation that gets even better each time.

The 2010 Challenge

  1. Drill Down Your Top Goal(s)
  2. Write them out in the form of your personal mission statement
  3. Share this mission statement with readers here in the form of a comment (the “Make Goals Public” approach)
  4. Keep us all posted on your progress!

Nate Moller has consulted thousands of clients from all over the world, helping them build and effectively market their online businesses. Nate lives in Utah and specializes in social media consulting and search engine optimization. Follow him on Twitter (@mollermarketing).

Nathan Moller

Nathan Moller

Nate Moller has consulted thousands of clients from all over the world, helping them build and effectively market their online businesses. Nate lives in Utah... Read Full Bio
Nathan Moller
Nathan Moller

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  • Jason

    Great tips we all need to keep goals so we have something to work towards to accomplish! I can handle this list, of what I need to do…. Keeping motivated is the key! Great article.

    • Nate Moller

      Thanks for the comment Jason! The personal mission statement has been a good thing for me to read and review on a daily basis. Also having someone that knows my goals that can hold me accountable is helpful.

      Hope to hear about your success in achieving your goals this year!

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    The biggest challenge I have is my ADD. It causes massive amounts of distraction. And I end up having 50 “goals” that end up changing constantly.

    It takes me great effort to then simplify things, and then move from thinking to the next step, which for me, is visualization.

    But you’re right in the need to focus on actionable elements within a broader goal-setting plan. When I am able to get past the clutter and visualize, I then focus on what’s in front of me today that i know I can do. This requires that I ask myself – is this task, opportunity or situation going to take me closer to that goal or not?

    I’m going to pass on sharing my specific goals here in such an open forum though – this kind of stuff is a lot more personal. Just my opinion though.

    • Nate Moller

      Hey my good friend (and fellow Yankee fan) Alan!

      Loren mentioned that he’s going to photoshop my profile pic to an Orioles hat. What are your thoughts on that? πŸ™‚

      I agree 100% with what you said about having so many goals that I can just be spinning all over the place (it’s called having about 25-30 tabs on two different screens on my computer in Firefox) – I have that same tendency to jump all over the place.

      One thing that’s helping in 2010 to achieve my goals better is to focus on LESS.

      In an article my wife wrote recently about this topic she said:

      …when my husband and I sit down and discuss our goals for the new year, he always sounds much more ambitions that I do. We decide to read together, and he’s ready to plow through a book a week. I tend to strive for a book a month. Why? Am I lazy? Do I lack motivation and drive? No! But this is my mindset: if I am going to make a goal, I am going to achieve it. Period…. My goal has to be small enough that I can stick to it, and specific enough that I will know for certain when I’ve achieved it.

      The secret is this: if you achieve specific, smaller goals, it will give you a feeling of success and motivate you to continue forward. Many times, I end up achieving more than I even planned. If you set overly ambitious or nebulous goals and fall short, it will leave you feeling like a failure and kill any motivation you have to stay the course. When you are deciding on goals, make them manageable.

      This may be easier said than done; but my mantra is that “Small Success leads to Big Success!” You have to build on momentum as you set and achieve smaller goals.

      As far as sharing my goals, like you, I am a bit hesitant to reveal some of my goals to the world, especially if they include how I’m going to make money off every client that visits my site (or something like that LOL). But telling SOMEONE what your goals are is a great 1st step to holding you accountable.

      Enough ranting for me! Thanks for the comment!

  • Matt Siltala

    My goal this year with Nate? Not to get annoyed at all his Yankee tweets!

    • Nate Moller

      That is setting a goal that is out of your control for sure! LOL!

      But I’m glad you are open to share it with the world! Thanks for the comment!

      (Mat has been one of the biggest influences in my Search Engine life and I really respect him for all he’s taught me!)

  • rohini

    great article indeed… encouraging to set goal in front of you

  • Kathy Sanders

    Cool that this is what you and I have been talking about for the past couple of weeks. Now I can print your article out and really finish my mission statement and goals for next week. No more diversionary tactics necessary. It is a huge help to me to actually see my goals and the steps I need to take in writing again and again. It is easy to plan the steps but if I don’t have them written out, they are forgotten by tomorrow. If I get up and read them every day I can make them happen.

    Thanks Nate the Great!

    • Nate Moller

      Thanks for the comment Kathy! I’m really excited about the progress you’ve made so far and I feel Well-Defined Goals can really speed up the process to get us where we want to go, both with our business life and our personal life.

      Look forward to speaking with you this week!

  • Alan Bleiweiss


    Having read Kathy’s comments, it just clicked in my head. We seem to struggle so much with personal goals. Yet if we were to act this way in business, we’d fail as well much of the time. Or stumble through things a lot more.

    Primary example. Project management. With a properly written specification document, I have written out the bigger goal, and each of the individual achievable tasks required to accomplish that bigger goal.

    Using a solution like BaseCamp, I enter key milestone deliverable items associated with various individual or groups of tasks, and assign a date to that milestone. As I move along the time-line, I can continually refer to the calendar, the specification document, individual milestones and tasks within each.

    Doing this keeps me focused, and on track. And if new information comes along the way that alters any aspect of this process, I can just update as needed.

    It’s exactly the same way then, isn’t it? If I am going to be truly committed to specific goals in my personal life, then it only makes sense to follow the recommendations you set in the article. Basecamp For Life Goals. LifeCamp. #InsertNewBusinessOpportunityOnlineHere

    • Nate Moller

      Agreed 110%! Thanks for the suggestions on BaseCamp – I’ll check that out.

      Another tool I use is

      I really feel like FOCUS separates the successful from the mediocre, both in personal and business success.

      Talk soon!

  • Web Templates

    Every year I set a series of goals and the interesting thing about it is that I find it incredibly motivating. About 3 months in, I pull out the list and find it encourages me to do more…

  • Robin Walters

    Nate …Great article…I have written out my goals and mission statement which I am sorry to say is the first time I have ever written a mission statement. I now get excited every morning to read it out loud to my kids, and we all get excited together. Seeing my goals and mission statement in writing every day has kept me focused on my task at hand ,which for me was difficult. Thanks for the inspiration to set and achievie my goals one day at a time.

    • Nate Moller

      Hey Robin!

      Great to hear from you! I’m excited to talk to you today about your mission statement and how you plan to implement it to achieve RESULTS with your online business.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Kim Folio-Dorland

    Hey Nate! I think that if we could all accomplish proper goal setting and follow through we can make it happen in whatever field we are in. I am so glad to see that prosper has included personal development as a new stream. Learning how to set goals, and find out if there is anything holding us back from achieving them could make all of the difference.