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Pinterest Strategy

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Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest keeps growing and has now amassed 72.8 million users. This means nearly one in every six people who use the Internet are on Pinterest. According to Pew research, these users are well educated and 18% have an annual income of $75,000 or more.

In other words, Pinterest is being utilized by an extraordinary amount of people, many of whom likely carry influential weight in the online community. It would be remiss not to optimize our presence here for a variety of reasons.

Driving Website Traffic

Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence, revealed that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined.

In order to take advantage of this, Pinterest users first have to be attracted to SEJ’s pins and re-pin them to their boards. The most successful pins on Pinterest have some traits in common. They combine great images with content to solve a problem, inspire, or appeal to an interest. Since our SEJ articles do just that, this is a perfect outlet.

Promoting Articles on Pinterest

Our primary objective on Pinterest should be to spread awareness about our knowledge and immersion in the industry, and subsequently drive traffic back to the website.

  • Regularly pin new articles to corresponding Pinterest boards
  • Incorporate Pinterest sharing into our “share” buttons on individual SEJ posts
  • Add “Pin it” buttons to every page of the website
  • Ensure all articles include an image so that if one is pinned it will have an alluring, accommodating image
  • Ensure post meta-content is filled in, as that description will translate over as the pin description when someone pins the article (if not, a blank box appears so people can tailor their own description, which may be less optimized than desired)

Engaging on Pinterest

Engaging with other brands and pinners will help spread awareness that we are on Pinterest. We can optimize engagement by:

  • Following other industry Pinterest pages and interacting with them
  • Following other active SEO/social media influencers and engaging with them
  • Monitoring our own pins and responding to comments

Taking Advantage of the “Search” Feature

The search feature allows us to search for pins featuring any specific phrase or verbiage. It is likely that people are already pinning SEJ articles, so by performing searches for “Search Engine Journal” we can be sure to engage with users that are currently posting about us. Also, search for keywords like “SEO,” “social media,” and other relevant terms to engage with other members of our Pinterest community who are interested in similar topics.

Optimizing Pinterest Presence

In conjunction with many of the above objectives, while we have a Pinterest page set up with a few boards, there are more things we could do to take it to the next level:

  • Verify our website: this allows users to see the full website URL on our profile and in search results
  • Be regularly active
  • Add at least 10 more boards over the next couple months
  • Follow additional users
  • Use hashtags when relevant
  • Identify boards to which we would benefit from “collaborator” access on a quarterly basis
  • Determine what we could utilize for social icons and buttons for the site re-design
  • Adding “Pin it” and other Pinterest-geared buttons to the site could be useful, but we want to focus on what works best for our audience, and SEJ does not fit naturally into Pinterest.

Pinterest Goals

In January 2014, we had 9,837 visitors to the website from Pinterest. Considering we were not active, this is a decent start. Beginning in March 2014 with the re-activation and overhaul of our Pinterest presence, we will monitor traffic and growth, and then make reasonable goals for the following months in accordance with those numbers.


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