SEO Tools from SEOValley & SEOBook

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SEO Tools from SEOValley & SEOBook

SEOValley has just pumped out a bunch of SEO related tools which are designed to help webmasters track changes in Google, compare results between multiple sites, and identify sites which are publishing duplicate content. Here’s a list from the India based company, SEOValley:

Google PageRank (PR) Dance Tool :
This tool checks your Google PageRank on all major datacenters. It helps you identify how well your linking campaign is being conducted.

Google PageRank (PR) Predictor :
This tool predicts the future Google PageRank (PR) for multiple websites.

Google Results Comparison Tool :
This tool show results for different search type query – allinanchor:, allintitle:, allintext:, allinurl:

Mirror/ Duplicate Website Searching Tool :
Search engines do not like mirror/ duplicate websites. It’s an easy tool to find all such mirror/ duplicate websites.

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker :
People use various redirection techniques but not all redirection techniques are search engine friendly. Search engines do not like Meta refresh, 302 temporary and other redirection techniques. Search engines only like 301 Permanent Redirection.

Speaking of SEO Tools, SEO Book also has a vast selection of free tools available for use. Two of my favorite tools which Aaron has available on the site are the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Keyword Misspelling Generator.

The Keyword Suggestion Tool is quite advanced as it does not only give the basic results from Overture, Google Suggest (popular Google search phrases) and NicheBot (which pulls data from WordTracker), but Aaron has also integrated in search results from Topix, Google News, Technorati, Wink,, Google & Yahoo Local, Digg and Video content engines like Google Video and You Tube. The content search results are in my opinion the most valuable part of the tool, and makes for a more well-rounded resource for localized and 2.0 oriented search campaigns.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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