9 SEO FireFox Plugins I Can’t Live Without

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Yes, I know there are much more great FireFox plugins but I am sharing only those I am using myself and find really useful.

Before I start, here is an overview of what I am going to talk about:

PluginMost useful featureHow often I use it
SEOQuakeAny page instant SEO analysisA few times a day
SearchStatusGoogle, Alexa, Compete Rank ToolbarMultiple times a day
Google toolbarGoogle search and suggestionsMultiple times a day
Rank Checker buttonInstantly checks a site SE rankingsOnce a week
User Agent SwitcherChange the user agentOnce a month
SEO for FireFoxExhaustive SEO analysis within search resultsA few times a day
Compete.comSite traffic informationOnce a week
Web DeveloperInstant access to image and link informationOnce a day
Page AgeGet the page ageOnce a day

1. SEOQuake.

Most useful features:

  • Get instant access to any information about the page you have opened: Google index, Yahoo! backlinks, Alexa Rank, archive age, Del.icio.us mentions, subpages, source, Whois, keyword density and many more.
  • Integrate all the above data in your Google, Yahoo and MSN search results page. Sort the results by any of the parameters.
  • seoquake

  • Fully customizable: add/exclude any of the parameters; make the tool work faster by showing all the info only by request; add your own features.

2. SearchStatus

Most useful features:

  • Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and Compete.com Rank toolbars for every page you visit.
  • Highlight nofollow links, access any page matatags with one click, view the link report and robots.txt info.


3. Google toolbar

Most useful features:

  • Search Google and see your search history and Google suggestions;
  • Access your mail with one click.

4. SEOMoz Rank Checker button – allows you to check rankings of any page by one click (the tool was also described here).

5. User Agent Switcher – check your website with the user agent being Googlebot, for example.

user agent switcher

6. SEO for FireFox:

Most useful features:

  • an exhaustive SEO report on each page integrated within your search results page: Google PR, Google cache date, age, Del.icio.us mentions, Y! links, Y! .edu links, Y! .gov links, Y! page links, Compete.com Rank, Compete.com uniques, number of cached pages, Dmoz/Yahoo directory/Botw presence, Whois;
  • an instant access to other great SEO research tools: keyword research, GoogleAdwords tool, traffic estimator, Google trends;
  • export to CSV function.

SEO for FireFox

7. Compete.com toolbar – the one I don’t use too often but I like the site profile feature.


8. Web Developer plugin has plenty of great features; I will mention only those I use most often.

Most useful features:

  • shows image Alt text;
  • Java disable option;
  • shows image and link titles.

9. Page Age shows age for the page you are located at.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Ken savage

    PageAge is new to me but yea I agree these are classics and a must for any good SEO.
    thx Ann.

  • seo bristol

    Hi Ann
    Useful list – thank you.
    I’m currently experimenting with the Live PageRank Plugin – it occasionally throws a different (and in my opinion more credible) PR to the Google Toolbar.
    Another good Plugin if you comment a lot is InFormEnter…

  • Internet Marketing

    I wonder if anyone has the same problem as I have.
    I can’t download seo-for-firefox because the link does not work. The seobook website says :
    “Click Here to install the SEO for Firefox extension”
    But when I click it just puts a # in the url.
    Please help!

  • Raghavan R P

    I am not sure whether all these tools provide me the right details than a manual check

  • Ann Smarty

    @Internet Marketing – make sure your browser allows pop-ups (just checked again and it works for me)

    @Raghavan R P – most of them do nothing more than just giving you instant access to the data for your manual check 🙂

  • Joe Williams

    Good list, for checking out the source code, I am a big firebug fan.

  • arun kamath

    Thanks for the list. Ann Smarty are there any similar plugins for Safari for windows

  • insert lots of keywords here

    not an seo tool but essential: adblock

  • Gary Storm

    Thanks for the list Ann, fantastic stuff. I’m a beginner at this trying to see if I can help spread the word about my wife’s free music. These tools are a great help…. now I just need to learn how to use them 🙂

  • Marc

    my favs,

    inFormEnter for fillling forms,
    noScript for preventing malicious site scripts, IeTab for rendering page in IE,
    Foxmarks for saving browser bookmarks and settings across different pc’s,
    SnapLinks for easily opening multiple links,
    compete.com toolbar is highly useful multiple times a day to see a good estimate of how many actual humans visit sites I run across.

  • Malte Landwehr

    When you use SEOQuake, what do you need Search Status for? As far as I see it doesn’t provide anything that is not included in the SeoQuake Toolbar.

  • Ann Smarty

    @Malte – all I want from SearchStatus is its toolbars which are small and can be placed at the bottom of the browser.

    Besides, SEOQuake is almost always off with me (as it makes my FF work slower) – so unless I need some detailed page info, I might use SS to quickly the data…

  • Rob Montalbine

    I may have to replace SEO for Firefox with SEO Quake. Thanks for the list

  • Raghavan

    Sometimes the tool doesn’t give me the exact detail when compared to a manual work. There are some variations which is what I meant their apart from that the plugins that you have given is a real worth. Search Status is a new one for me 🙂

  • Alison

    does alexa’s information really correct?

  • Varun

    @Ann, check out Shareaholic(.com) as well. I use it to check Digg and Del.icio.us counts often. Think you’ll like it.

  • LazyInvestor

    Great list of SEO related plugins. Very usefull. Thank you.

  • goodnewscowboy

    Hi Anne:

    Thanks tons for sharing this. It has saved me a lot of time and energy.

    Quick question: The rank checker button. Is that a Firefox Plug In, or a site service?

  • Ann Smarty

    @goodnewscowboy – The rank checker button will bring you to SEOMoz site where you will be able to actually check rankings; that’s nothing more than a fast access to the tool.

  • Vern

    Hi Ann,

    This is awesome stuff. Between all
    the ones you highlighted I agree
    that SEOQuake and SearchStatus
    are quite extensively being used
    by most marketers.

    I’m going to bookmark your page
    so I can learn more from you.

    Great stuff here Ann… 😉


  • Text

    Wery best. Отличные ссылки 🙂

  • Cliff Posey

    I would would really liks someone to provide a tools that shows if a blog site uses nofollow or dotfollow.

  • Dan

    I found that the Compete.com add-on slowed my Firefox down (the browser itself and loading web pages)… I had to get rid of it because it annoyed me so bad.

    The rest of your suggested add-ons are great!

  • Marc Beharry

    zemanta plugin is one of the most useful i have seen. it came out recently and is worth a try. it helps you add relevant images and links to your blog posts almost automatically

  • Ann Cummings

    Thanks for this list of tools. I like what I see re: SEOQuake and the others. This is all fairly new to me, so have been exploring which tools would be the most beneficial at this point. Your list is going to be a great help to me.

    Thanks again!

  • Edward Beckett

    Great List SEO Smarty!

    Here’s a few to consider too …



    Web Developer Toolbar


    Excellent work SEO Smarty!

  • Ann Smarty

    @Edward: great additions – thank you!

  • Tabrej

    great plugin thank you buddy.

  • richard

    good suggestions! I personally cant live without seo for firefox its great!!

  • swaMp

    Great suggesstions, you can’t live without…

  • Free content

    I use seo for firefox 2.9.2, but its not working
    i am use firefox Any suggestion?

  • Clarence

    Hi Ann,
    Which one is better? SEO For FF or SEO Quake? I use SEO for FF while my friend uses SEO Quake. Which will give a more accurate results? Can we have both on the same browser (and use any one at any one time?)
    Your input is appreciated!

  • Ann Smarty

    @Clarence, they both give accurate results. I can’t recommend one over the other – this is very individual. Just try both (yes, you can install both of them on your browser) and see which one is better for you.

  • Firefox SEO Tools & Plugins

    Here’s another useful thread about SEO & Web Design Plugins for Firefox.

  • Carl

    Thanks for all the great tools available , this is going to be such a great addition to my online business.

  • Ted

    “”I would would really liks someone to provide a tools that shows if a blog site uses nofollow or dotfollow.””

    They actually have this plugin – I believe it is called “Nodofollow 1.4.7”

    You can google it – it highlights nofollow links as red and dofollow links as blue

  • metadot

    People should check out the SearchStatus plugin (no. 2 on the list) for PR info if they haven’t done so allready. It enables you to get rid of that Google toolbar that is taking way to much of your screen property. For number 10 on the list I might suggest the wasp plugin for background info on website analytics.

  • Fleksis

    Thanks for sharing. I think seomoz is also very usefull. But offcourse the Google toolbar is the most essential item in this topic.

  • One Life No Fear

    I am a bit of a Firefox newbie but I am finding these add-ons totally awesome! Just installed SEO for FF.. very cool…
    .-= One Life No Fear´s last blog ..Entrepreneurs Salute The Return of Schumacher =-.

  • diarmuid ryan

    this is a great list, i have been looking to make life easier using software to do my seo research, seoquake is excellent, does what it says on the tin!

  • grosir

    I have never been a firefox fan, but after reading all these tools, its definately worth a try. I wish IE would have more tools like this.

  • Break From 9 to 5

    I just started using firefox and it’s amazing. I just about ready to ditch IE.

  • Painter

    Page Age doesnt work anymore for the latest FF version.

  • Arafin Shaon

    Simply awesome @ann but you missed seobook’s SEO for Firefox plugin which you should have add into the list

  • internet profit

    I love the search status tool and compete.com, it really great to make a compare one website to another.

    I have questions, does it really any different between dofollow and nofollow impact for our website this days?

    thank you