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SEO Bookmarklets Collection: On-Page SEO and Domain Stats

SEO Bookmarklets Collection: On-Page SEO and Domain Stats

Last week I listed a few useful Google bookmarklets for SEOs. This time I am looking at some more helpful browser bookmarklets that can come in handy for on-page SEO research and a quick view at essential site stats (to install any of them just drag it to your bookmark toolbar):

Domain information:

  • Alexa info – view Alexa general profile for the current domain.
  • Robots.txt – instantly access site Robots.txt page;
  • Whois bookmarklet – find domain information (via Whois.DomainTools);
  • AttentionMeter – view, Quantcast, Google Trends, Alexa and Technorati stats for the current domain name.

Page SEO:

  • Page Headers – shows all headers for a current page (by;
  • Validate HTML – instantly access current page HTML validator;
  • HTTP Headers – header checker for the current page;
  • Edit Page – lets you edit the current page;
  • Word Frequency – highlight a word and see how many times it was mentioned on a page;
  • Wayback newest – shows you the latest copy saved by;
  • Page Freshness – find out last modified date
  • Make a link for this page – instantly generate a link for the current page;
  • Highlight headings – shows you on-page H1-H6 headings;

Highlight Headings

  • Highlight NoFollow – highlight links with “nofollow” attribute;
  • Show Meta – view page meta tags.


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SEO Bookmarklets Collection: On-Page SEO and Domain Stats

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