January 12-13, 2021
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Master Classes

Led by marketing leaders from Cultivative on PPC and IBM on SEO Master classes will allow you to connect one-on-one with leading experts with a proven record of SEO and PPC success.

  • Save thousands of dollars on consultants.
  • Build deeper relationships with industry experts and collaborate with your marketing peers.
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    SEO & PPC master classes focus on advanced technical topics to give you a deeper understanding of how search works and what strategies and tactics are proven to work.

    Each class will help you understand the best strategies and tools to meet your business goals and address challenges. You will also have the opportunity to ask the industry’s best practitioners your questions, gain clarification, and obtain valuable peer and mentor support.

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    Each class includes educational pre-recorded video content, interactive assignments, live Q&A, and community networking. Each master class will also have a personalized follow up to check on your progress and success.

    • Learn advanced techniques you never thought you could have implemented before
    • Gain insight into how all search engines really work at the most advanced, algorithmic level
    • Learn how to create an advanced SEO and PPC strategy and playbook to train your team
    • Gain new tips and tricks on SEO and PPC and hear the secrets that no one talks about
    • Learn how to do more with less and evangelize SEO and PPC across your organization
    • Utilize your advanced learning to elevate your knowledge, success and progress your career
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    Keith Goode, Sr. SEO Strategist, IBM


    With over 13 years of experience working in-house in SEO for companies like Dell, HomeAway and IBM, Keith Goode brings a vast array of skills to the classroom. In this SEO Master Class, Keith will walk you through advanced tactics in technical SEO, content and building authority, as well as teach you how to prioritize work, plan and execute strategies and report on your successes like a pro.

    Using his URA SEO Framework+, Keith will show you how to organize your work to have the greatest impact.

    Usability – In this segment, Keith will go over advanced technical SEO strategies and tactics that will enable you to lay a solid foundation for your site. From crawlability to Core Web Vitals, from deciding on which tools and platforms to use to figuring out which metrics matter, there are a lot of decisions that go into running a 1M+-page site.

    Relevance – In this segment, you’ll learn how to structure your site’s content in a way that allows your writers to do what they do best while establishing your content for being relevant for the most competitive terms in your market.

    Authority – In this segment, we’ll cover the power of building a solid brand and how to take advantage of the collective link equity of your site to drive better results in the rankings, leverage your PR teams to drive awareness and coverage and monitor your site for potential issues.

    Plus – Keith will cover how to organize and prioritize your open tasks to drive the fastest results with the least overhead. He will discuss how to move away from reporting to storytelling , and will show you how to structure those stories for the right audiences. Additionally, he’ll cover some easy ways you can make SEO a company-wide priority through discipline-level enablement and site-wide standards.


    1. Sample Writer’s Guide
    2. Prioritization Graph
    3. Sample Standards Template


    Segment 1: Usability

    • Tools and Platforms
    • What to Use and When?
    • Diagnosing Crawling Issues
    • Core Web Vitals
    • Ongoing Monitoring

    Segment 2: Relevance

    • Beyond Meta Tags
    • Intent-Focused Content and Information Architecture
    • Branded and Non-Branded Plays
    • Measuring Performance

    Segment 3: Authority

    • PR and Marketing
    • Maximizing Internal Linking
    • Be the Authority
    • Watching for Link Pitfalls

    Segment 4: + Planning, Reporting and Enablement

    • User Stories, Epics and Prioritization of Tasks
    • Executive Storytelling and Reporting
    • Democratization of SEO
    • Standards and Quality Assurance
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    Amy Bishop, Owner & Digital Marketing Consultant, Cultivative, LLC


    Are you a PPC professional looking for ways to sharpen your skills? Join us for four hours packed with actionable PPC content along with opportunities to ask questions and network with peers! We’ll be covering a broad array of topics including: designing a paid search strategy, implementing and measuring multi-channel campaigns, how to audit campaign performance, advanced remarketing techniques, and more! Grab your seat today and prepare for your results to skyrocket in 2021!


    PPC Worksheet


    Segment 1: Planning Your PPC Strategy

    • Business Objective
    • Designing Your Personas & Understanding Your Engagement
    • Campaign Structure
    • Competitive Review
    • Strengths & Weaknesses

    Segment 2: Advanced Remarketing

    • Advanced Segmentation & Audience Suggestions
    • Using Remarketing to Fuel Your Funnel
    • Writing Customer Centric Ads
    • Analyzing Audience Performance

    Segment 3: Planning Multi-Channel Campaigns

    • Expanding into Other Channels
    • Sharing Learnings Across Channels
    • Collaborating with Stakeholders & Supporting Other Channels
    • Integrating Campaigns
    • Monitoring Cross-Channel Performance

    Auditing Campaign Performance

    • Digging Into Trends
    • Reviewing The Details
    • Identifying Concerns
    • Setting Up Tests

    Turning Analyses into Action