Search & Social Launches X-Browser SEO Tool

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Search & Social announced the launch of the X-Browser SEO Tool last night. Co-Founder of Search & Social Jordan Kasteler and myself are very excited about this tool.

X-Browser SEO Tool is a bookmarklet that can be utilized in either Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, on both Windows and Mac operating systems, to find information vital to search engine optimization. The tool was built in collaboration with developer Cooper Harris and will continue to be developed to help SEOs.

The beauty of this bookmarklet is that no updates need to be downladed since the tool is changed on our end. Just add the bookmarklet to your bookmark’s toolbar, and begin to audit the web.

The tool was launched with only the most basic features. This way we can get your feedback as a community while the tool is still scalable.

There are plans in the future to allow the tools user to capture data, and create various reports from that information, but for now no data is being captured from this tool on our end.

I hope everyone enjoys the tool, and we invite as much feedback as possible.

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