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The Search Console Message Panel & This Week’s News [PODCAST]

Learn all about the new Search Console Message Panel, Google's local search results, and more in the latest Marketing O'Clock episode.

Catch up on the latest digital marketing news by listing to Marketing O’Clock, part of the Search Engine Journal Podcast Network.

Hosts Greg Finn, Jess Budde, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld unpack all the paid, organic, and social news you may have missed this week.

We read all the top news stories so you don’t have to:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down from leadership roles at Alphabet

We say a fond farewell to the Google founders and Greg walks us through a timeline of their history with the company. Plus, you’ll never guess what their first search engine was named (we do not approve).

Introducing the Search Console message panel

We’re excited to see all the messages and less excited about what they might say about our sites. Shep tells you everything you need to know about the new message panel.

Cyber Monday sets mobile record

Jess has a newsflash for retailers: e-commerce is here to stay!

Google makes changes to local search results

Greg tells us about neural matching in local Google results and we learn that he’s the only member of the Marketing O’Clock team who has seen “The Terminator”.

Our take of the week comes to you courtesy of Pedro Dias. You don’t want to miss our dramatic reading of his fiery tweet.

Then we answer all of your burning digital marketing questions during our lightning round segment:

  • Who is asking the EU to take action against Google Shopping?
  • What is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s preferred search engine?
  • When did Google Ads remove political ads and why?
  • Where can you get in touch with Google My Business support?
  • Why shouldn’t you worry if your YouTube subscriber counts fall?
  • How are doctors using Tik Tok?

Join us as we rant, rave, and roll our eyes about some of this week’s trending topics, from Facebook’s questionable employee chatbot to BuzzFeed’s new Sponcon offering.

For more information on the articles from this episode, head over to the Marketing O’Clock website and don’t forget to subscribe.

If you forgot to tune in over the Thanksgiving holiday, catch up on last week’s episode, where we discussed Google Analytics attribution, bid signal reporting, and much more.

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Christine Zirnheld Digital Marketer at Cypress North

Christine “Shep” Zirnheld is a digital marketer at Cypress North & cohost of Marketing O’Clock on the Search Engine Journal ...

The Search Console Message Panel & This Week’s News  [PODCAST]

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