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New Google Search Console Feature – Messages

Google Search Console Messages

Google announced the addition of a new feature to Google Search Console. The new feature gives publishers access to a panel from which messages from Google can be accessed. The messages panel seeks to improve efficiency for delivering communications from Google to publishers.

The messages are accessed through the bell icon located in the top right hand corner.

New Google Search Console feature announcementAccording to Google:

“As of today, messages will be available through a panel accessed easily by clicking the bell icon at the top of any page in Search Console. The main difference from the old interface is that now you’ll have access to your messages throughout the product, no need to leave your reports.”

Google Search Console Messages

The messages can be accessed without disrupting your workflow. They will also be categorized. Typical categories are:

  • Mobile Usability
  • Performance
  • Coverage
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Datasets
  • Unparsable Structured Data
  • Products

Access Older Messages

The new messages panel will allow publishers to access older messages. According to Google this will allow new users with access to the GSC property to obtain a better sense of the site history by being able to browse previous messages.

“Now, when users gain access to a new site they can see messages the site have received in the past, which should help the new owners to understand the context for that property.”

However, this is limited to messages as far back as May 2019. Older messages are available in the old (legacy) version of GSC, under the “Legacy tools & reports” section.

Read the official announcement: Introducing the new Search Console Messages

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New Google Search Console Feature – Messages

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